08 October 2016

The New Black - Huw Millington: Beasties

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Today it is the turn of Huw Millington of Brickset to show us his first builds for our parts festival, "The New Black", where we examine a selection of new and recoloured parts that the LEGO® Group have released in Black this year.

The 'Mini Pony Tail' (Element ID 6129476 | Design ID 22411) is a wonderfully organic piece that lends itself well to other animal parts. My first thought was ‘insect legs’, so here’s a small beastie:

The new ‘Plate 1X1 Round W/3.2 Shaft’ (Element ID 6157554 | Design ID 26047) is an excellent piece to use for the legs because its rounded end allows it to be positioned at an angle, thus, in this case, allowing the legs to be splayed at interesting angles.

Sticking with the insect theme, the new Nexo Knights shield, ‘Flat Tile 2X3 W/Angle’ (Element ID 6128992 | Design ID 22385) looked like a wing case so here’s another beastie that uses them for that and also ‘Blade No. 9’ (Element ID 6135009 | Design ID 24482) for legs and stinger.

‘Weapon No. 11’ (Element ID 6134781 | Design ID 24144) is another very interesting part because it provides an angled connection. As well as having a stud connector on the end, it also accepts bars so can be used, as here, to give the beetle-like-thing interesting legs.

I’m sure the ‘Cross Holes W/ Double Ø 3.2 Shaft Hole’ (Element ID 6155068 | Design ID 24122) has a lot of potential as a compact means of joining bars, or in this case flexible ones to form a circular fence, perhaps to keep some of the fearsome beasties above under control…

Thanks to Huw for those cute critters, I would never have thought of making insects! This is a good opportunity for me to say how happy I am to have Huw contribute; he's been one of the greatest supporters of this blog from the beginning, over three years ago. Without the Brickset parts database he created from information from the LEGO Group and other sources, the work involved in researching virtually every New Elementary post would multiply many times over. Quite frankly, I would have given up a long time ago!

Tune in again in a few days' time for the next instalment of The New Black.

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  1. That first bug look so nasty... I love it. :) Also, the circular fence seems very useful: just think how easily many different fence formations can be created!

  2. That fence is simple yet brilliant.

  3. This is a fantastic series - keep these articles coming! There is definitely not enough discussion out there of new pieces and new approaches to visualizing based on new and existing parts. Thanks!