20 April 2018

Jurassic World 2018: Elementosaurus

Elspeth De Montes goes dino-crazy today with LEGO® sets from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which are now available.

The LEGO Group have released a series of tie-in sets ahead of this year’s summer blockbuster. In total there are 12 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom sets being released and, in addition to these, 75932 Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase allows you to re-enact the iconic ‘velociraptor in the kitchen’ scene from the original movie. We have been able to review the parts and dinosaurs from the eight main sets (the other five being two Juniors sets, two Duplo sets and a BrickHeadz set). We will be taking a look at all the new elements included at a later date, but first let’s take a look at the return of the LEGO Jurassic beasts.

12 April 2018

London AFOLs: Space

Now for the final of our three posts featuring creations by London AFOLs using new LEGO® parts. London AFOLs are - you guessed it - a bunch of adult fans of LEGO who meet in London. In a pub! It's very friendly and informal, and new and international visitors are always welcome. They meet on the second Monday of every month, so check out the group on meetup.com/LondonAFOLs

Today it is the turn of the Spacers to show what they came up with in 20 minutes using the seed parts and the stock of other bricks.

Garmadon hats - also known as Minifig, Headgear Hat, Conical Asian with Raised Center (Design ID 26007) have proved very popular across this parts festival despite their singular connection point, and here make a very slick microscale ship.

8 April 2018

The Unlikely Fan

Today's post comes from Dave Foreman (Mana Ramp Matoran), a Bionicle fan since 2004 who nevertheless approached me with an altogether different theme he wanted to review...

By now, we're all familiar with the phenomenon known as LEGO® Friends. It was The LEGO Group's first theme marketed to girls that stuck, and why was that? Well for starters, it was the first theme to really take the full LEGO experience and move it into girl themes, instead of trying to port “Girl toys” over to being LEGO toys. Secondly, girls aren't the only fans of those sets. I myself have three Friends sets to date. Its success lead to the proliferation of bright pastel colors and minidolls into other new themes, and today we're going to be talking about one of those themes – LEGO Elves, with the set 41193 Aira & The Song of the Wind Dragon.

While most wouldn't be shocked to know that male FOLs aren't shy about picking up the “Girl LEGO” sets, there’s one subset of fans that might shock people: the Bionicle/Constraction community. That's right, one of the most testosterone-fueled niches of the AFOL community absolutely adore LEGO Elves sets. Why is that though? To answer this question we have to dive back into the early days of Bionicle history.

25 March 2018

LEGO® 21314 TRON: Legacy

The latest LEGO® Ideas set 21314 TRON: Legacy is available from March 31, 2018 priced £29.99/ US$34.99/ 34.99€. It depicts the iconic race between two light cycles and is based on the 2010 film which is a sequel to the technically ambitious 1982 original.

The original submission, by fans BrickBrosUK from Devon, proposed one light cycle and minifigure. Even though this has been expanded to include another light cycle and two further minifigures, it's still a small set at just 230 pieces. And of course, you are building the same vehicle twice. Thankfully it's an ingenious build; clever in its compactness and some interesting connections. But as ever, we are here to discuss the parts!

18 March 2018

London AFOLs: Abstract

We took a box of new LEGO® pieces to a meet up of London AFOLs for some fast-paced building adventures. London AFOLs meet in a pub every second Monday of the month, and new and international visitors are always welcome. Check out the group on meetup.com/LondonAFOLs

Last time we shared some of the real-world objects the builders made; today it's the abstract builds. People had just 20 minutes to create something using some new LEGO parts, some elements that have recently come in new colours, and London AFOLs' general brick stock. 

Love this simple usage of  Brick 1X1X1 2/3 W/ Vert Knobs in Bright Red [TLG]/Red [BL] (Element ID 6187620|Design ID 32952) to create a spiral. Those 1x4 tiles are Bright Green (6195267|2431); these are back again having briefly appeared in 2012/13. They come in the exclusive set 21037 LEGO House which also introduces 1x1 tiles in this colour!

13 March 2018

The (Ocean) Monumental Parts Pack

Elspeth De Montes has her hands on a large 2017 LEGO® set but she isn't going to build it! She simply must alert you to its parts and the fantastic quantities they come in.

It is time for another one of my parts reviews, so I hope you have your sea-legs ready as we set sail and look at 21136 The Ocean Monument. This set was an August 2017 release for the LEGO® Minecraft theme containing 1,122 elements including two minifigures, and retails at £119.99 / $119.99 / 119.99€ (currently cheaper at Amazon UK and some cheaper still at BrickLink).

Bein' Green

Sand Green is a rather sought-after colour, in part due to the famous retired Modular 10185 Green Grocer and also as it made frequent appearances in the Harry Potter theme. I thought it might be good to analyse Ocean Monument as a ‘green parts pack’ as Sand Green accounts for approximately 25% of the elements, with Earth Green [TLG]/Dark Green [BL] another 25%. That’s a LOT of green for a set with over 1000 parts.

7 March 2018

"Kill Teal" - the winners

It's all over! 54 builders submitted 79 entries that imagined how the newly returned LEGO® colour called teal could be killed off again, given that Mark Stafford's last attempt in 2006 clearly failed. Here are all the entries in one image:

Which of course means we had to judge winners; always a painful task but especially difficult when the entries all excelled in different ways - their originality, humour, clever ideas and of course nice piece usage. Thank you so much to everyone that entered, creating so many smiles for us and New Elementary readers. Now read on to find out who was picked for the prizes...

5 March 2018

"Kill Teal" models (Vol. 7)

Today we present the final entries we received in our contest where we asked you to imagine how LEGO® designer and AFOL Mark Stafford might kill off Teal again, now that this colour is back in the LEGO palette once more. Missed the previous entries? See them here.


By Ralf Langer

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