05 September 2022

Our contest winners: Make a Wishbrick

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

It's time to announce the winners of our Make a Wishbrick contest, where we asked readers to dream up  ideas for a new LEGO® element - and then build it out of existing LEGO parts. We received an astonishing 276 entries, making this a tough one for our judges to decide as there could only be three recipients of a 10497 Galaxy Explorer and one winner of the top prize - 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum!

New Elementary contributors Tom Loftus and Thomas Jenkins were honoured to be joined by guest Deborah Higdon to judge the entries. (Those of you who have been around a while may remember Deborah came up with her own wishbricks back in the mid-2000s! Interesting to see how many have since been introduced.)

Concept, execution, and creativity were at the forefront of our judges' minds as they chose the winning entries. So without further ado, let's start with the three recipients of 10497 Galaxy Explorer, in no particular order:

Winners of 10497 Galaxy Explorer

1x6x2 Continuous Arch, by Nachapon Lego Pinball

"This 1x6x2 brick with an inside bow and its mirror brick can build a continuous arch or a corner arch with only one stud overlapped. It also keeps seams between parts in a good position (not at the middle, like T-shaped half arch part) and keeps constant good clutch power. The design in the 5th image can do the job without mirror brick but the clutch power is not so good."
"Achieving symmetry with asymmetrical components is no small feat. Not only does this entry strive to solve a common problem faced by architectural builders, it does so with style... and a healthy amount of wishful thinking. Details like the 45° cut corners and the stud offsets to allow duplicates to connect together show the thought that went into the design. I have my doubts such an element would pass the stringent criteria for becoming a real element, what with its sharp edges and wafer-thin walls - lucky for Nachapon Lego Pinball, we're not the LEGO Group and such things don't stop this from being a stand-out wishbrick!"

"A need met well: getting arches just a little more snugly placed together. This builder took a new approach, cutting the angle into the brick, while addressing the corner anti-stud well. Mathematically, I think this is a great solution. The concept is very viable and the execution well done - as a MOC with digital bricks, and the digitally rendered prototype."

"Nachapon Lego Pinball presents us with a brilliant solution to a frustrating problem with the LEGO arch family. Its position in the LEGO System has been thoroughly thought out- the 45 degree corners which allow these wishbricks to fit together in different configurations is particularly clever. The builder even provided alternate bricks with which to build a continuous arch, and why this is the most viable answer."

Collapsible Brick for People with Small Houses, by Barney Main

"Does your Lego take up too much room? You need collapsible bricks! With retractable studs which pop up when assembled, you'll save oodles of space!"
"Who could want more? This wishbrick stood out among the many whimsical entries received. The concept is unique enough but the execution was well thought out and well built, especially the detailed interior."

"We had a good chuckle over some of the sillier entries we received. But this one stood out for its concept and execution. Plus, as someone living in a tiny Japanese apartment, this really appealed to me. This was such a ridiculous idea yet so well thought out and reasoned: Barney even provided the mechanism by which the studs retract. I thoroughly commend this for its rather well thought out silliness!"

"An impractical feature explained so thoroughly with cross-sectional views I almost want to see made a reality. Its purpose, stated so confidently, as the solution to a lack of storage space is the cherry on the top. I can't see the LEGO Group making it in a million years - in other words, a true wishbrick!"

Brick, Modified 1 x 1 x 2/3 with Stud on Side, by Aido K

"My wishbrick is not revolutionary but if it did exist then I would use it a lot. The headlight brick (4070) has been so close to this for so many years, but it leaves its foot hanging out when placed on its side, and that foot is either not the look you're going for, or it's just plain in the way. And every time that happens I think to myself, it would be wonderful if just once that foot wasn't there."

"Because my wishbrick is such a simple shape, I thought I would have some fun with the build. I've flipped the brick on its side and imagined it as a cross-section of a sci-fi style room with clean interior and outside greebling."
"I've also included a render of some connection options to help demonstrate the possibilities of this amazing little brick. I hope you agree that this would be a very useful brick to have!"
"Aido provided us with a brick that it seems many readers have been clamouring for - and with some thinking outside the box (er... cube) they presented it in a stunningly original way. I loved the detail put into this submission - not only does the minifigure look quite at home in his little habitat (which we referred to as Stanley Cube Brick during our deliberation), Aido provided us with a comprehensive list of connections and techniques for this wishbrick."

"From the word go this contest was going to be meta since we asked for imaginary bricks made from bricks! This entry took that aspect to new heights in a totally unexpected way. A 1x1x2/3 brick with side stud was a popular choice amongst the entries so to see an inventive embellishment of the idea and the nature of the contest itself was a welcome surprise."

"I think we’ve all longed for a headlight brick without the lip. We did get the truncated 1x1 brick but this takes it to another level. The concept is strong, the presentation very well done but the execution went beyond. 'Stanley Cube Brick' is a MOC itself, with a great little interior scene, and then the creator delivered renderings of multi applications for the brick. Very well done."

Winner of 76218 Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum

The Bend Plate System, by Jerac

"A triple mold plate system: 1x1 standard plate on its ends and a rubbery bendy piece in the middle. Ideal solution for car fenders, architectural arches, body/clothing parts and some really unique connections involving twisting the plate!"
"A very original entry, addressing a building option that no one else addressed. The builder incorporated two types of materials, not often done in bricks and plates. The concept is extremely unique- no other System piece can do this with such a strong connection. The execution is also very good, as we can clearly see how this piece could work."

"Some entries made me laugh, some made me think, the Bend Plate System managed to do both. The inventive use of two types of plastic whilst keeping the element in System was a novel approach. On that note, while realism was not a prerequisite of the contest, we were looking for wishes. After all, this entry does have a great blend of practicality and whimsy with wide ranging applications to boot. I chuckle at the thought of it being confused with the 1x4 plate with two studs (92593).

"I'm a sucker for novel parts and this element- at first glance- seems like an element that could exist but I can't quite wrap my mind around just how it might fit into the System. Perhaps that is why this wishbrick exists in its own [bend plate] system? Another thing I like is builders bending the rules in the confines of what are considered 'legal' building techniques- I think this is well represented in this wishbrick. We hadn't seen a wishbrick with this kind of functionality among the other entries."

Honourable Mentions

There were so many fantastic entries in this contest and we wish we could thank you all individually! Here are 3 entries that we absolutely loved, but sadly did not quite make the top 4.

HexaSausage, by AndytheWestie

Pure silliness! The HexaSausage deserves a mention for the laughs it gave the entire New E. team. Such a crazy idea, it surely is a wishbrick.

Brick, Round 1 x 2 with Studs on Side by Macounet

We received a lot of ideas for new SNOT bricks but this one impressed us by adding a bit of a twist. SO many of us want to build smooth circular walls, so this one delivered in a unique way. We imagine that this will be added to many a builder's wishlist.

New Minifigure Shoulder Joint by Aido K

Put your hands in the air like you just don't care! We loved this ingenious, albeit sacrilegious entry from Aido K. While any modification to the iconic minifigure would likely be met with screams of outrage from most factions of the LEGO fandom, a wishbrick contest is the perfect place to make dreams (or nightmares) come true. Not only is it a well-built entry using parts new and old, but also fulfils a wish many of us have had when attempting to pose minifigs... even if we don't admit it out loud.

Congratulations to our winners, please check the email you provided us with so we can organise getting your prizes to you as soon as possible. If there's no email please check your spam folder. Thank you to the LEGO Group for providing the amazing prizes. Finally, a huge thanks to all our participants for sharing such wonderful, creative ideas with us. New Elementary readers are the best!

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  1. Nice. I was expecting winning entries to be parts that already exist out there, only one does, but is still creatively presented.
    Not convinced that the bendable plate would work, as it would also require stretching.

  2. What can I say... thanks a lot! I did not expect first place (in my eyes the 1x1 architecture brick was a clear winner!), but it is always nice to be wrong in such a way!

    Congratulations to the trio of 2nd place winners and the honorable mentions!

  3. The collapsible brick is just *chef’s kiss*! Great balance of playful humor and genuinely creative and utilitarian purpose.

    I’ve also long held a strong appreciation for the usefulness of the multiple attachment points of the humble sausage, so I appreciate the absolutely unhinged Hexasausage. Well done, all!

  4. This was a fantastic idea for a contest. The entries were mostly VERY good. None of the winners would be my dream new part but I think the jury did very well by choosing the winners. Thank you all!