21 December 2021

Which LEGO® sets have the most new parts? November & December 2021

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Today we publish our regular list of recent LEGO® sets showing the quantity of new parts found each of in them. Developed in partnership with TobyMac (from Rebrickable), our table shows both quantity as well as overall percentage of new elements. And there's some fantastic new functionality this time!– you can click to see the new elements in any of the sets listed. 

This list covers sets from both November and December 2021. And as ever we'd really appreciate it, if you are buying from LEGO.com, to follow our links to get there. If you choose to purchase, New Elementary may earn a commission.

Open the list of LEGO® sets from November & December 2021

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  1. Ooh, fancy work! I think we're well past 100 new molds this year, even before accounting for minifig-related items. Business must be good for TLG

    1. Unfortunately I changed the method to get the new EIDs half way through the year, so I can't give a total count of new moulds without a lot of manual work. I'll keep it in mind for next year. Maybe a Best Of 2022 list, based on the NE contributors.

  2. This file isn't opening for me - any ideas on how to see it?

    1. https://www.bricksafe.com/files/TobyMac/ne/NE_set_list_2021_11-12.html

    2. Still get a 404 Brick Not Found message.

    3. I've change the privacy settings. Can you check this link?

  3. It works for me now, thank you!!