16 March 2020

LEGO® Xtra: Inthert tackles 40375 Sports Accessories

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Sometimes The LEGO Group offer us polybags from the LEGO® Xtra range to review, and although these don't contain completely new elements or recolours we still love the challenge of figuring out what to do with them! In the past Tim Goddard has taken on the challenge but this time we've asked another UK Spacer, Inthert, to get creative with them. 

Unless you’re willing to purchase multiple sets or rummage in the build-a-minifigure section in store, obtaining a good selection of themed parts direct from LEGO® can be tricky. At least that was the case before the LEGO Xtra polybags hit shelves. Each bag typically consists of a handful of accessories along with a few basic bricks that can be used to make a suggested small build or two. Today we’ll be focusing on 40375 Sports Accessories; we’ll look over the parts included, then dive into some MOCs I made using the bag’s contents as seed elements.

Which parts come in LEGO® 40375 Sports Accessories?

Suitably well-stocked for a variety of physical activities, 40375 Sports Accessories has everything from ski poles to hockey pucks. Sadly, there are no new moulds or delightful recolours to be found but that doesn’t mean the parts included aren’t worth talking about - or rather building around!

Steampunk Star Wars

Being the Star Wars nut that I am, I almost always look at a part and wonder if it could be used for some sort of detail on a vehicle. Such was the case with the gold cup (Mini Trophy w/ 3.2 Shaft in Warm Gold/ Pearl Gold – 6181575 | 31922) which reminded me of the engines and adjoining fins of an A-wing starfighter. Only problem being that the colour gold doesn’t lend itself to any traditional Star Wars colour scheme - so naturally steampunk was the way forward!

And since no rebel ship should be alone, I made an X-wing to accompany it using the ski poles (Ski Stick 3M w/Shaft Ø3,2 in Dark Stone Grey/ Dark Bluish Gray – 6250678 | 18745) for the cannons - by no means a revolutionary parts use, but one I was keen to try out myself.

Tech-Savvy Bunny

Utilising the skis (Ski 6M With Knob in Medium Azure – 6170544 | 28922) was quite a challenge due to my limited selection of parts in this colour. However, inspiration eventually struck and this cheerful Easter bunny was soon complete. Looks as though he’s trialling an alternative method of egg delivery!

Micro ship

I treated this micro ship as a way to use up some parts that I found myself neglecting.

The two Medium Nougat elements that are included, namely Palisade Brick 1X2 (4651231 | 30136) and Plate 1X4 (6167700 |3710), dictated the basic shape of the thrusters and forward prongs while the hockey sticks and ski poles were both late additions that I felt finished the craft off nicely.


Another ‘use-up’ build, this time focusing on the red curved slopes (Brick 1X3X2 W/Ins And Outs.Bow in Bright Red/ Red – 6212012 | 92903) and the printed 2x2 round tile (Flat Tile 2X2 Round No. "1040" – 6139454 | 25414) - both of which seemed ideal for a little biplane build.

X-wing cannon 

I have to admit, I never imagined the goggles element (6170703 | 28976) could be used for anything other than… well, goggles… but I stand corrected! The obligatory ritual of jamming parts into each other in the hope of finding a new connection yielded bountiful results this time. Turns out any clip can accommodate the goggles element, though it does require some persuasion and I suspect if done repeatedly could damage the part. However, I felt the resultant technique was worth the risk especially as it provided a solution to a problem that has plagued me for years – X-wing laser cannon tips!

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    2. Maybe they could be tied on with a string or old bicycle tire or something. ;) NPU!

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