02 July 2019

LEGO® Overwatch: Bastion alternate model

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Yesterday, Victor Pruvost gave us his detailed review of the build of LEGO® Overwatch set 75974 Bastion, but he wasn't done with just that! Given that Bastion comes with an alternate mode, how about an alternate model? Victor pulled the robot apart and pondered what to create using the same parts.

My friend Martin suggested I do a dragon and I quickly realised it was a brilliant idea considering Bastion’s inventory: the wings could be built out of Tan plates, there were plenty of parts to articulate the beast, and the light brick was a perfect way to represent the fire-breathing action!

The first thing I did was building a basic skeleton to define the position of the articulation points and get an idea of the proportions of the model. Then I fleshed out the body, the legs and the tail, and built the wings. The head, which came last, was the most difficult part to build : it had to look like a dragon’s head, as well as hold the light brick.

I initially wanted to add a mechanism so the brick lights up when the lower jaw opens, but didn’t manage to, so instead it breathes fire when it lowers its head. I also had to rebuild some sections of the rest of the MOC since I lacked parts to complete the head. But in the end, I think I did quite well.

My alternate model features articulated legs (hips, knees and ankles), tail, body, wings, neck and jaw.

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  1. It looks about as much as a bat as a dragon, but still quite impressive. Lego should produce more mech-based Creator sets.

    1. Yes, bats are descended from dragons dontcha know

    2. Maybe the next DC movie will be DRAGON: Son of Batman. :)

  2. are there any instructions? I would love to build this out of my bastion set

  3. are there any instructions? I would love to build this myself

  4. are ther any instructions????

  5. Could you make instructions. Please?

  6. yes i would like the instructions for this if you like i would love to purchase it (5-20$) i have a few more questions about the design: is it stable enough for a child to play with and are there any pieces used in the design and if so how many. thank you :)

  7. well can you just give me the instuctions about the head the I can copy your product but cant understand about the head. Also did you put an extra parts can you please notify me about this