14 January 2019

PdC Parts Fest 2018: shield, mudguard and arch

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I've been super-slow at showing you the rest of what was created in our workshop in Paredes de Coura (PdC) Fan Weekend in Portugal way back in June 2018... so here's a few more to inspire your building ideas. 25 builders were given 11 of the new LEGO® parts released in 2018 to create as many ideas, tablescraps, techniques and small MOCs as they could. Huge thanks go to Andrew Tipping for taking the photographs.

"Minifigure, Shield Rectangular with 4 Studs" [BL]/ "Plate 2X3 W/ Hor. 3,2 Shaft" [TLG] (Design ID 30166)

We gave builders the White (Element ID 6188400) version of this strange piece which in fact first appeared in 2017's 75192 Millennium Falcon, so quite an "old" part now really! But still rare, having only appeared in nine sets in three colours - the newest being Dark Stone Grey [TLG]/ Dark Bluish Gray [BL] in 80102 Dragon Dance.

A few builders wanted to make curves out of them.

"Vehicle, Mudguard 4 x 2 1/2 x 2 1/3 with Arch Round, Solid Studs, and Rounded Legs" [BL]/ "Mudguard 2X4X2, No. 1" [TLG] (Design ID 35789)

Here's what our builders made with this 2018 Speed Champions element in White (Element ID 6217895).

LEGO designer Mike Psiaki was present at the workshop and made this tablescrap to show how the underside curve, or 'rounded legs' at BrickLink calls them, matches the curve of other LEGO parts such as the 5x5 rounded corner brick (Design ID 24599), shown here in Dark Azure.

If you've never built Mike's wonderful 10252 Volkswagen Beetle, note also how the curve of the 5x5 brick was designed to match the curve of the 1x3 curved slope (50950), shown here also in Dark Azure.

"Panel 2 x 6 x 6 with Gothic Arch" [BL]/ "Wall 2X6X6, 1/2 Circle, W/ Cut Out" [TLG] (Design ID 35565)

Not a popular part at the workshop... I can't imagine why... but a few builders bravely played with this element in White (Element ID 6211333) which to date is found exclusively in LEGO Disney sets, in three colours. 

Sadly the video did not turn out of this delightful creation which makes use of the curved corners of the arch.Turning the handle raises and lowers the platform.

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  1. For what it's worth I've only used the shield hidden so far, it's hinging the back on this MOC https://www.flickr.com/photos/137434519@N08/46672600972.
    But I'm so gonna use it everywhere in mechs when I'll get it in grey!

    The mudgard is useful as well but these are so needlessly bulky, that always makes them harder to use than the 2 new ones (one now in LBG as well!) that "only" have a 2x2 plate attachment (but ideally should have a 1x2).

    1. Ooh, super slick! Love the combo of wheel arch and wedged baby bows.