19 August 2018

PdC Parts Fest 2018: Rounded Plate 1x2

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At Paredes de Coura (PdC) Fan Weekend in Portugal in June 2018, New Elementary ran a 'parts festival' workshop where 25 builders were given 11 of the new LEGO® parts released in 2018 to experiment with. They used these in combination with general part stock (provided from the magnificent collection of Comunidade 0937) to create as many ideas, tablescraps, techniques and small MOCs as they could and we’re sharing the most interesting and useful ones with you. Huge thanks to Andrew Tipping for taking the photographs.

Today we look at the curved 1x2 plate which we chose in Black (Element ID 6210270 | Design ID 35480).

The ability to interconnect many of them into a chain allows for many interesting sculptural possibilities, like this balloon animal!

Some took the chain quite literally.



Building curved walls out of these chains gives a beautiful texture.

The gaps left by the curves work really well in this microscale castle.

Shapes that previously were difficult to render in LEGO form can now be sculpted with ease.

Their hollow studs are perfect for combining with bars to create larger curved structures... a candelabra?

They're used a few times in this vehicle, most notably for attaching wheels.

The part is also useful in small quantities: this is a radiator.

This arrangement is reminiscent of the Chrysler Building.

And here the microscale architecture gets thoroughly modern!

But even using just one of this element can be highly effective!

Part 35480 already comes in seven colours: Black, Dark Stone Grey [TLG]/ Dark Bluish Gray [BL], Dark Red, Sand Yellow [TLG]/ Dark Tan, Bright Red [TLG]/ Red, Brick Yellow [TLG]/  Tan [BL] and White. The best quantity are the 13 Dark Stone Grey ones in 75215 Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes (available at Amazon UK).

More PdC builds are coming soon.

Our thanks to Comunidade 0937 for providing the brick stock and the assistants, to PdC Fan Weekend for the opportunity, to The LEGO Group for providing the new parts, to Andrew Tipping for the fantastic photography and to Sven Franic for his excellent introductory presentation. Most of all, thanks to the builders!

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