12 April 2018

London AFOLs: Space

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Now for the final of our three posts featuring creations by London AFOLs using new LEGO® parts. London AFOLs are - you guessed it - a bunch of adult fans of LEGO who meet in London. In a pub! It's very friendly and informal, and new and international visitors are always welcome. They meet on the second Monday of every month, so check out the group on meetup.com/LondonAFOLs

Today it is the turn of the Spacers to show what they came up with in 20 minutes using the seed parts and the stock of other bricks.

Garmadon hats - also known as Minifig, Headgear Hat, Conical Asian with Raised Center (Design ID 26007) have proved very popular across this parts festival despite their singular connection point, and here make a very slick microscale ship.

Guessing this is a pod race? Lots of fun going on here with the matching Reddish Brown hinge base (6186045|3937) and 2x2 top (6167644|6134) (which comes in sets like Brickheadz 41595 Belle, available at Amazon USA). Most fun of all being that alien tree! If indeed that it what it is. Using the little hole in hinge plates to connect plant stems to create a tetrahedron is not something I expected...

I was really impressed by the form of this USS Enterprise using 8x8 round tiles with 4 studs in Earth Blue [TLG]/Dark Blue [BL] (6200046|6177) ... until the builder revealed it was meant to be a pizza cutter! Okay, I still like it.

Hmmm. Space engines perhaps? This interesting texture is formed by stacking hinge plates in Earth Blue [TLG]/Dark Blue [BL] (6135593|19954).

And I have no idea what this is. But that's some pretty awesome construction going on there!

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  1. I think the last one is Rey's speeder bike. :)

  2. USS Enterprise...
    The dark side is spreading.