19 October 2017

PdC Parts Festival: Day Three

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Here are the results from the final day of our first ever live parts festival, where AFOLs from all over the world who were attending the Paredes de Coura (PdC) Fan Weekend last June were given just over an hour to come up with ideas of what might be possible using a range of new LEGO® parts. See the parts selection here.

Bill Ward

At the rear of his spaceship, Bill created rather neat vector thrust capability by creating oval shapes from pairs of Mudguard 3X4, W/ Plate, No. 1 (6178912 | 28326). I will show you a breakdown of this technique in my next post, when I explore the geometry of this part a little more deeply. 

He filled the oval shape nicely with a Technic 1x3 liftarm, decorated with three Spear, No. 1 (6166891 | 27257) for exhaust. As a bonus play feature, these could be angled, simply by virtue of being attached to a SNOT brick.

Although the rest of the build is basic (Bill's words, not mine!) he used the baby wedge bows Left and Right Plate 1X2, W/ Bow, 45 Deg. Cut (6172414 | 29120 and 6172411 | 29119) in various places.

...including the underside where they made a pleasing hexagonal shape that complemented the curve of the thrusters. Note also the use of Plate 2X2, Corner, 45 Deg. (6164071 | 26601) here.

Jason Briscoe

The baby wedge bows create nice detailing in this microscale plane, but it was the Boomerang (6153574 | 25892) that sparked Jason's idea here.

The spoiler piece - Design Plate 1X2, No. 1 (6192787 | 30925) - inspired many to think of park benches but I think this was the only one to incorporate baby wedge bows too!

Similarly, the Nexo Knights  Cockpit 4X5X1, W/ 3.2 Shaft, No. 1 (6166852 | 27262) inspired many flower-like arrangements but this was the only one to employ boomerangs in this interesting pattern.

Cian Duffy

Cian was interested in exploring effects that might be adapted into buildings. For him, the cockpits became an exotic tessellated canopy for a cafe.

Below is an idea that could be used in front of a bay window or inside an arch. The clip lights are connected with lipstick (6189137 | 25866).

It uses the 'anti-slipper' Roof Tile 1X2, Deg. 45, W/O Knobs (6166857 | 28192) and it struck me that if you left off the 1x2 plates (seen above in yellow, grey and olive) the anti-slippers could tuck over the windowsill.

Mystery builder

Sorry, I failed to note who made this. Looks like this minifigure made a DIY Rey's speeder!

João Campos

In this ship, the mudguards become deflectors for engines...

...while spoilers are used sideways as landing skis.

Yvonne Doyle

Boomerangs and cockpits inspired Yvonne to create a Stegosaurus submarine!

Those boomerangs are really effective on the tail.

Romão Santos

Romão experimented with straight stacking of parts, suspecting that the baby wedge bows may be  quite useful for roofs. It reminds me of the Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy!

Tim Johnson

I, too, experimented with the baby wedge bow, making a rather slippery staircase!

Alexandre Campos

"It was supposed to be a cat at first!" Alexandre's build took a turn once the cockpit piece reminded him of a bug's abdomen.

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  1. The boomerangs make a nifty Thagomizer on that dinosaur.