26 October 2017

PdC Parts Festival: Classic Space micro ships

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Our latest parts festival is nearing its end but fear not, we have some models from Peter Reid and his pals, using the parts he took home after attending our final session. Although he rarely makes instructions of his work, Peter has listed which of the new parts he used in each model, so you can get hold of the ones you're less likely to have.


This first model, a Neo-Classic Space (NCS) micro ship, was made during the New Elementary workshop in Portugal. I wasn't sure I'd be able to make anything decent in an unfamiliar building environment, but it turned out fine; after one or two false starts I had this little beauty in hand. I managed to safely bring it home and put the ship in a safe place, ready for photography. I immediately lost it, and had to recreate it from pictures taken by the lovely Miguel.

Parts used: 2 x 29120, 2 x 29119, 1 x 25892


This micro ship is loosely based on the old Ice Planet 2002 set 6973 Deep Freeze Defender from 1993.

Parts used: 2 x 27257

NCS Probe LL267

During another session, this time in collaboration with Jeremy Williams, this little NCS probe ship emerged.

Parts used: 1 x 29120, 1 x 29119, 4 x 25892

ICE Fighter

Another ICE micro, this time a collaboration with (Sexy) Drew Hamilton. Sexy Drew came to visit me recently, and I showed him the parts and asked if he could do anything with them. He breathed new life into a moribund tablescrap.

Parts used: Parts used 2 x 29120, 2 x 29119, 4 x 25892, 2 x 25866

NCS Micro Heavy Bomber LL863

Yet another NCS micro ship. Those little curved blue bits are lovely for NCS shaping. This one uses light bley trapezoid wings, which are beautiful and incredibly rare.

Parts used: 2 x 29120, 2 x 29119, 1 x 25892

I hope you've enjoyed these models. I'd like to thank the excellent Chris Salt for helping me out with post production.

Fear not folks, the festival is not quite over - there's more models coming from Pete next time.

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  1. Yeah someone showing off his rare parts (14696 in LBG is rare as well) in the last one :)

    I too got a pair of LBG flags on BL when they could be found.
    However clones in LBG can be found on Ali (no idea if the color is the same. That said, I got so many dis/miscolored LBG used parts in my last BL order [& it doesn't seem because of the sun], looks like Lego was sloppy with its colors in the past)

  2. You know you're gonna get good stuff when Pete Reid gets involved. Love these little ships, they use the new parts, and don't take up a ton of other parts really to make them happen. I feel like I could build these and I'm not even a space guy. Great post man. I do think this maybe should have been the last post, that way it would have ended on a really high note. So I hope your last post is a doozie cause it's got big shoes to fill after this one.

  3. Great stuff, love them all especially the Zycon III!