30 October 2017

PdC Parts Festival: More from Peter Reid

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Today brings the final post in our current parts festival giving you inspiration for using new LEGO® pieces. Last time, Peter Reid and friends gave us Neo-Classic Space micro spaceships but today Peter's creations are more more eclectic. On that note, where better to start than with a...  

Krablaxian Death Snail

A heavily armoured, bio augmented cybernetic warrior snail, with blip pilot.

Parts used: 2 x 30925

1:1 scale digital watch

Temporal signal lost.

Parts used: 4 x 27263, 4 x 26601 


A deep space communications array. Or a robot flower. I'm not sure.

Parts used: 6 x 27262, 6 x 28192

Blip in Corridor

After another play with the Sand Blue spoiler bits, I accidentally ended up building an interesting tablescrap which quickly became this diorama.

The Power Functions downlighting makes it kind of hard to tell it's actually Sand Blue but this scene mostly is, apart from the floor markings and a tiny smatter of dark bley. I think it's quite a nice, moody picture. The round bits are R2 bodies (Design ID 30361; Sand Blue came as a printed piece).

Here's a picture of the back wall without fancy lighting.

Parts used: 8 x 30925

The Engineer

A new robot design, and my personal favourite of the bunch. The head piece with spikes (Design ID 18165) is from the Witch King and also came in Reddish Brown in 71040 Disney Castle.

Parts used: 2 x 28326, 2 x 22392.

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  1. Love the caption for the death snail. I'm sure we all think a whole new genre of heavily armed cyber-snails is called for.