4 May 2017

NEXOGON: The Millennium Falcogon

May the Fourth be with you... and for once, we actually have something Star Wars-related to share with you, courtesy of Kevin Levell and his penchant for nexogonal LEGO® spacecraft.

Whilst building the flying saucergon I noticed some familiar shapes, at least to my eyes: there was a passing resemblance to the “circular” main body of the Millennium Falcon...

Millennium Falcon LEGO model by Kevin Levell

I did a quick experiment to see if I thought a full version would be possible and sent a photo of the sketch model to Tim. "Would Tim want to feature yet another spaceship from me?", I thought. But Tim was enthusiastic and for me it seemed okay too, because this would be a midi-scale Millennium Falcon!

Stickers for Millennium Falcon LEGO model by Kevin Levell
After a couple of weeks of tweaking, I eventually I got something I was fairly happy with and then I made some custom stickers for it.

Any readers of New Elementary are welcome to use these stickers for their own version of the Falcon, but if sharing online, please link back to this post.

The image is JPG format or you can download in PDF format here.

The sketch model

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  1. Most impressive! That's a seriously good-looking microfighter; great work.

  2. beautiful! gotta love those midi-scale ships

  3. I would have never known it used Nexogons. It's so well detailed and all the core pieces have been cleverly covered up in such a way that this build soars above many others.

  4. The quad-cannons do rotate 360⁰, but the resting position has them pointed forwards. The binoculars work about as well as you're going to get in that scale, but being mounted behind the gun-well make it look like they're pointed aft instead.