3 January 2017

Tom Poulsom's "Bar with ball" ideas

Following Gary Davis' examination of 3.2 Shaft with 5.9 Ball (Design ID 22484) we have some further ideas from Tom Poulsom (designer of LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds) of ways to use this part, such as making the ears on his aardvark posable!

I’ve been wanting to use the 'Mixels joints' to build something articulated for a while now. I also thought that these bar with ball pieces would be great to portray fingertips.

Below is Yoga Bot; as you can see he is very posable and flexible and he is capable of performing many different yoga positions.

The third use I found for this piece is for this lovely little giraffe I’m building for a new Ideas project.

Her name is Gisselle the Giraffe and I though the piece was well suited for the tops of her horns. You might also noticed that I used the recent recolour of the 1x1 round tile in Black for her eyes.

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