22 June 2021

LEGO® Super Mario August 2021: The New Moulds

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Ben Davies (@ProfBrickkeeper) reveals the exciting new moulds coming in the August 2021 LEGO® Super Mario sets: 71387 Adventurers with Luigi Starter Course, 71390 Reznor Knockdown, 71391 Bowser’s Airship, 71392 Frog Mario Power-Up Pack and 71393 Bee Mario Power-Up Pack. Buying LEGO Super Mario sets? Consider using our affiliate links, New Elementary may get a commission: UK LEGO Shop | USA LEGO Shop | Australia LEGO Shop, for other countries 'Change Region'. Products in this article were provided by LEGO; the author's opinions are their own.

Since its debut a year ago, the LEGO® Super Mario theme has consistently offered up a plentiful supply of exciting new elements, including new moulds, recolours, and decorations. To celebrate the newly-unveiled third wave of sets in the theme, we here at New Elementary will be taking an exclusive look at all the new elements arriving this August. Today, we’ll begin by looking at several new moulds which appear across the upcoming wave.

LEGO Luigi

A year after the introduction of his brother Mario in brick form, Luigi has received his own LEGO makeover, introducing several new elements in the process.

The most notable of these new elements is that for Luigi himself, which appears in 71387 Adventurers with Luigi Starter Course. Although it may initially appear nearly identical to LEGO Mario, when placed together it becomes apparent that the LEGO Luigi mould features several differences.

In contrast to the Mario Hub (Design ID 49242 | Element ID 6286809), the Luigi Hub (77127 | 6351935) features a more gaunt face, different mustache, slightly closer eyes, and hair that is one plate taller than Mario. In a recent informal Q&A with the designers that New Elementary participated in, they emphasized the importance of making sure that the characters retained the subtleties of their iconic appearances, while still playing identically.

New pants in 2021 LEGO Super Mario

©2021 The LEGO Group

Three new trouser elements have been introduced for Mario and Luigi to wear. They include:

  • Luigi Pants (77873 | 6355368) in Earth Blue/ Dark Blue and Reddish Brown in 71387 Adventurers with Luigi Starter Course
  • Frog Mario Pants (6349928 | 75355) in Dark Green/ Green in 71392 Frog Mario Power-Up Pack
  • Bee Mario Pants (78948 | 6348181) in Bright Yellow/ Yellow and Dark Brown in 71393 Bee Mario Power-Up Pack

The first of elements notably features much slimmer legs than the others, so as to emphasize Luigi’s more lanky stature. The other two elements retain the more stout proportions of the original Mario pants.

New hats in LEGO Super Mario 2021 sets

©2021 The LEGO Group

Corresponding with the pants, three new hats have also been introduced:

  • Luigi Hat (77710 | 6363295) in Bright Green in 71387 Adventurers with Luigi Starter Course
  • Frog Mario Hat (79126 | 6360288) in Dark Green/ Green in 71392 Frog Mario Power-Up Pack
  • Bee Mario Hat (78893 | 6362969) in Dark Brown and Bright Yellow/Yellow in 71393 Bee Mario Power-Up Pack

LEGO part 79393: Tile 3 x 3 Curved, Macaroni

Although it may appear fairly mundane on its surface, the prize for most exciting new mould undoubtedly goes to the Tile 3 x 3 Curved, Macaroni (79393).

©2021 The LEGO Group

This newest addition to the macaroni tile family helps to finally bridge the gap that has existed between the Tile 2 x 2, Macaroni (27925) and Tile 4 x 4, Macaroni (27507) since they were introduced in 2017. Furthermore, it marks the latest in recent trend of 3 x 3 rounded elements such as the Window Round 3 x 3 x 2 (73878) introduced earlier this year. Will it only be a matter of time before we see a matching plate and brick?

Initially, the element is only available in Olive Green (6362965) in 71390 Reznor Knockdown, but with luck will quickly appear in additional colours.

LEGO part 79389: Bracket 1 x 1 - 1 x 2

Earlier this year saw the introduction of Bracket 1 x 1 - 1 x 2 Inverted (73825), prompting some discussion of whether we might expect the introduction of a downwards bracket. The answer turns out to be a resounding “yes,” with the introduction of Bracket 1 x 1 - 1 x 2 (79389).

©2021 The LEGO Group

This new bracket appears in Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray (6362975) in 71390 Reznor Knockdown.

LEGO part 79750: Feet 2 x 3 x 2/3 with 4 Studs on Top

The first wave of LEGO Super Mario sets saw the introduction of two different kinds of feet elements to help with creature building. This third wave now sees a third in the form of Feet 2 x 3 x 2/3  with 4 Studs on Top (79750).

This element is intended as an alternative to Feet 2 x 2 x 2/3 with 4 Studs on Top (66858), which was used heavily during the first year of the theme. On the new element, one of the feet is outstretched, appearing mid-step. Unfortunately, the cavity beneath the outstretched foot is slightly too large to serve as an anti-stud.

©2021 The LEGO Group

The new feet element appears in Reddish Brown (6364060) in 71391 Bowser’s Airship and 71390 Reznor Knockdown, and in Bright Bluish Green/ Turquoise (6357991) in 71387 Adventurers with Luigi Starter Course.

LEGO part 79387: Plate Round Corners 4 x 4 x 2/3 Circle with Reduced Knobs and 2 x 2 Hole

The last of the new elements introduced in the Summer 2021 LEGO Super Mario sets is a new addition to the “Mario Plate” system, in the form of Plate Round Corners 4 x 4 x 2/3 Circle with Reduced Knobs and 2 x 2 Hole (79387).

©2021 The LEGO Group

This element appears in both Bright Yellow/ Yellow (6364059) and Dark Stone Grey/ Dark Bluish Gray (6361035) in 71390 Reznor Knockdown.

Stay tuned to New Elementary for more LEGO Super Mario elements; next time we look at the newly recoloured parts!

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  1. It looks like all the powerup pants/hats will work interchangeably on both Mario and Luigi so that's good.

  2. Super stoked for 3x3 Macaroni tile. Looking forward to LEGO fleshing out the 3x3 cylinder family of bricks.

    1. yes, me too! been waiting ages for a 3x3 curved tile to make tessellation tile patterns!

  3. Thanks for this rundown of the new parts!

    I love the look of Lego Luigi. Before we first saw pictures of him I would have probably expected him to be largely the same as Mario, with only the moustache differing. But instead they went through the trouble of giving him a taller head and narrower face, making him look that much more distinctive. I'm eager to get him to hear all his different voice cues and such, though I'll have to find somebody to try multiplayer with!

    Out of curiosity, do Luigi's pants have the same "bump code" on the inside as Mario's do? I'd assume that's probably the case if both characters can use each other's power-ups, unless there's some unique behavior for swapping their overalls. As a side note, Luigi's legs having a unique form factor is a little surprising. A part of me still wants to see Power-Up Packs designed specifically for Luigi, since many of Luigi's power-ups vary visually from Mario's (like Luigi's Cat Suit and Propeller Suit being green, or Luigi having a Kitsune form instead of a Tanooki one in recent games—not to mention the letter on Luigi's cap being different across multiple forms!). Then again, I'm not sure what the market for those would be—after all, even for Mario I've largely passed on the Power-Up Packs themselves in favor of the larger, more rewarding sets! And of course, if you wanted Luigi's pants to all have the same form factor as his regular legs, you'd essentially be doubling the number of molds since their detection relies on a physical difference.

    The 3x3 macaroni is long overdue and I too am eager to see it followed up with bricks (if not plates—it's still quite soon since the introduction of the 3x3 macaroni plate with a 2x2 radius). The downward 1x1 to 1x2 bracket is similarly useful

    The new foot piece with one foot forward has a goofy Robert Crumb-esque sort of look. I don't know how essential I'd have considered a piece like this, but it is amusing and will probably look great for all sorts of Mario enemies, especially ones that in the games are known for marching in a set pattern. I'll be curious to see what sort of other uses builders might find for it—it feels a bit more specialized than the earlier symmetrical foot piece but I'll never underestimate the ingenuity of Lego fans!

    Finally, the new 4x4 base with hole is interesting from a gameplay perspective since, like the treasure chest build from last year's Toad's Treasure Hunt, it seems to promise the ability to "hide" specific sorts of power-ups or other scannable items in enclosed blocks.

    1. Actually, Luigi's pants have a different bump code, but there's no difference in terms of interactions, it just does the same thing on both characters

  4. Hi,like to buy the B-Marrio 71393 can help me on this.

    1. You can go here, if you are not in USA then click the top left to 'Change region' USA LEGO Shop. (This is an affiliate link, we may earn a commission if you buy.)