25 September 2020

Which LEGO® sets have the most new parts? September 2020

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Here is the second installation of our latest resource for you: a list of the newest LEGO® sets and the quantity of new parts in them. Developed in partnership with TobyMac from Rebrickable, we  show this both in terms of quantity as well as overall percentage. So if you like to buy sets knowing they'll contain parts you don't have, use our table as one of your purchasing factors. Note: we define 'new elements' as being either:
  • completely new moulds, or significantly altered 
  • existing moulds in new colours (also known as 'recolours' or 'colour changes'), 
  • printed parts. 
We do not include elements that have been given a new Element ID by TLG despite having appeared in sets in the past, because they're irrelevant to builders.

List of LEGO® sets from September 2020 and their quantities of new parts

Harry Potter sets account for the majority of this list. Note that sets released late in September will be included in next month's reports. 

Key to columns

  • 'Quantity Parts' shows the full part count of a set, which you're used to seeing.
  • 'Quantity New Parts' shows how many of those are new. Say a set was completely old stuff apart from just 1 new mould but 8 of them were included: this column would therefore say '8'.
  • '% Quantity New Parts' shows the above values as a percentage. I feel this gives you a sense of the 'value' of the set, regardless of its size or price, by indicating what proportion of its elements you will not already own.
  • 'Elements' shows the number of unique pieces in the set, whether new or existing.
  • 'New Elements' shows how many of those are new. e.g. in the earlier example this would say '1'. 
Click any column header to sort the table.

Set Quantity Parts Quantity Parts with new EID % Quantity new Elements Elements New Elements
75978-1 Diagon Alley55472044107852
40412-1 Hagrid & Buckbeak27000890
75292-1 The Razor Crest10231112809
60271-1 Main Square151726251818
40424-1 Winter Snowball Fight14921782
41410-1 Andrea's Summer Play Cube4237363
41411-1 Stephanie's Summer Play Cube4624342
41412-1 Olivia's Summer Play Cube4724362
41413-1 Mia's Summer Play Cube4924372
41414-1 Emma's Summer Play Cube5036423
75981-1 Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020341931999
60268-1 City Advent Calendar 2020342411843
41420-1 Friends Advent Calendar 20202361151638
75279-1 Star Wars Advent Calendar 2020312211872
43188-1 Aurora's Forest Cottage3001341638
43187-1 Rapunzel's Tower36816418513
30576-1 Christmas Tree7000270
5006290-1 Yoda's Lightsaber14011431
71028-9 Ginny Weasley833883
71028-3 Hermione Granger734373
71028-7 Lily Potter722972
71028-5 Luna Lovegood734373
71028-11 George Weasley757175
71028-12 Bellatrix Lestrange845084
71028-13 Kingsley Shacklebolt867586
71028-4 Ron Weasley745774
71028-6 Griphook745774
71028-15 Professor Pomona Sprout955695
71028-1 Harry Potter955695
71028-10 Fred Weasley10770107
71028-8 James Potter845084
71028-14 Moaning Myrtle10550105
71028-16 Neville Longbottom966796
71028-18 Wizarding World of Harry Potter Series 2 - Sealed Box00000
71028-2 Albus Dumbledore856285
302006-1 Mrs Potts and Chip00000
45815-1 Discover Set7600230
40422-1 Frankenstein10844473

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  1. Thanks, I do enjoy the numbers from time to time. I thought the list of new sets this month seemed rather long but the release of HP series 2 accounts for almost half of them.

  2. @Unknown:
    Yeah, the CMF releases are going to heavily skew this report every four months or so. Almost all printed deco will be new, and tons of new accessories are produced, often exclusively, for CMFs.