26 March 2017

NEXOGON: White Rhino

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Today, for our parts festival celebrating the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™Combo Power shield part 27255, we welcome back Christian Benito (a.k.a. Little Brick Root) with a wholly different creation to the building he gave us last time.

With my first model for the festival built and sent off, I had that intimidating tablescrap on my plate. I still wasn’t ready to use it, so I went back to the well and recreated an arcing shell from my Nexogons. It quickly became a shield in my mind’s eye. A really big shield. The kind of shield that a mecha would carry. So I built a mecha.

Building mecha is always an experimental process for me. I build an articulated frame first, which usually goes through a couple of versions before it is ready. This time I added the extra complication of fitting a pilot inside. The new cockpit element (Design ID 27168, found in Nexo Knights Battle Suits sets, which also contain Nexogons) makes this a lot easier, but it was still challenging.

Building the chest cockpit just led to the rest of the plating. Again, I went through a few iterations to get everything where I liked it. Luckily I was able to get feedback from other builders to highlight areas for refinement. This helped me get a more consistent look throughout the model.

I took inspiration from a number of other models, both LEGO and Gunpla. Hopefully I managed to tie them all together for a fairly coherent model. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to use that horn for a while and it balanced nicely with the star-shaped shield that I built with the Nexogons.

Again, the Nexogons let me build a shape that would have been difficult otherwise. The click-hinges provide a rigid structure. I wasn’t able to figure out a way to stabilize the pentagon in the middle, so that section is a bit fragile.

This model was a lot of fun to build, but I still have that intimidating tablescrap on my bench, taunting me.

Keep building and enjoy!

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