04 March 2017


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The creations for our parts festival, NEXOGON, are now starting to roll in and today we have an effervescent creation from Neil Crosby (thevoicewithin on Flickr) from the UK. Click any picture to enlarge.

Built with the power of a Nexogon at its core, this little bubble of fun is used by the M:TRON crew to tool around a planet's surface having a good time. With a booming sound system in the back, and controls powered by the mind, you're more likely to see this bouncing all over the landscape than making a smooth flight.

One of the things I wanted to do was build something that needed the Nexogon at its core, but didn't necessarily look like it was using it. Whilst I was playing with a few ideas at my desk, I realised that I could make a reasonable attempt at a circle, and so the idea of a little one person ship was born.

The idea came from a tablescrap I was playing with, where I realised I could put together a pretty reasonable yet tight circle around the Nexogon. From there, the idea of a fun little one-man surface spacecraft flowed pretty happily.

Below, we can finally see the speakers booming out from the back of the cockpit.

And finally, the Nexogon at the core.

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  1. Wonderful use! Very compact and cute.

  2. Wow that's an epic MOC! I love the shape and color.

    BTW, I have a blog that I post MOCs/LEGOReviews/LEGOComics. It would be great if you could follow! https://cornerbrickcomics.wordpress.com/