10 March 2017

NEXOGON: Mini-Reactor One

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Jeremy Williams (Bricking It on Flickr) has written for New Elementary many times and also took part in a previous parts festival. He's more excited about the Combo Power Shield than any other recent LEGO® part, and so he returns for our NEXOGON parts festival.

You may remember seeing my Reactor One model on Flickr last year, or 'in the brick' at Skaerbaek Fan Weekend or The Great Western Brick Show at STEAM. Well, I decided to use two Nexogons to create a miniature version of Reactor One!

The mini-version is about the size of a jam-jar and uses two Power Functions lights and a powerful Brickstuff LED to reproduce the interior glow of the original. It has a tiny walkway, a couple of access doors and the same six-sided shape.

The Nexogons were ideal not only because of their hexagonal shape but also the central pinhole tube which proved perfect to house the light beam and a light at the top to illuminate it.

I expanded them into an elongated shape using 'love handles' (Design ID 18649), 1x2 plates with two side-by-side clips (60470) and those 2x2x2/3 stepped plates with side studs (99206). It’s not a perfect fit and would give a LEGO Designer a headache, but it’s stable enough. Then the two matching bookends were joined with side walls, greebled and finally the light beam and walkway were added.

[Note from Ed: it is interesting to note both the similarities and the differences between Jeremy's technique and the one Neil Crosby employed for his one-man spaceship. The general concept / parts usage is largely the same but Jeremy attached via the Nexogon's studs rather than its 3.18 bars.]

I hope you like it - it’s a start at least, and I have some more ideas to come…

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