22 March 2017

NEXOGON: Coronae Softworks

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Another of the 14 featured builders in our parts festival using LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ piece 'Rotor w/ 4.85 hole' makes his premiere today: Christian Benito (a.k.a. Little Brick Root). He lives in Portland, Oregon, as do two other builders I chose... by sheer coincidence!

When my Nexogons arrived, I was in the midst of a pre-convention building frenzy and I barely had time to do a bit of fiddling. With the con behind me, I had a particularly interesting tablescrap that I just didn’t know how to use. It uses Nexogons to make a really interesting shape, but nothing has come of it yet. Then in one of Tim’s articles I saw six Nexogons arranged in a star. A building came together in my head and Coronae Softworks was born.

I build a lot of microscale buildings in the Micropolis standard (see my blog, and the definition of Micropolis can be found on the TwinLUG site). The ease of collaboration, without any real pre-planning necessary, is brilliant. I love the scale too, forcing me to distil concepts into just a few elements.

The problem of course, as with all LEGO creations, is creating buildings that don’t just look like decorative boxes. Here, the Nexogon shines.

The construction is fairly simple. Five Nexogons are connected into a ‘C’ shape to form the roof of the building. The walls are either stacks of Medium Stone Grey [TLG]/Light Bluish Gray [BL] bricks, or more complicated panels hung on a single clip from the Nexogon’s bar connections. The whole assembly only attaches to the base in two places, but that is enough.

From the back side of the building, the star shape looks particularly great.

For the landscaping, I built a kind of lush parkscape all around with pic-nic tables where employees might enjoy lunch or have open air meetings. The pink trees provide a pop of bright color. The roof has patches of grass to absorb rainwater, as well as more familiar HVAC and communications equipment.

With this lovely out of my head, I can turn my attentions back to the rest of my Nexogons.

Keep building and enjoy!

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  1. That's beautiful! Nice work!

  2. I genuinely would want to visit that building IRL. Beautiful! Great work! :)

  3. Very beautiful MOC. I think this may be the first non-Sci-Fi model with this part. I want to build things with the nexogon, but I don't have the part. I just wish it was on LDD.

    1. It is available on Mecabricks.com, which I am quite enjoying using, having not tried it before this.