28 April 2016

Nexo-Classic Space: Jeremy Williams

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It's day four of our investigation of seven new 2016 LEGO® elements. So far Drew Hamilton, Jason Briscoe and Tim Goddard have all taken on our super Spacer challenge: today, it's the multitalented Jeremy Williams (Bricking It). Without further ado I will hand over to Jez.

Pilot seat

This uses the Nexo Bot torso element (Design ID: 24078) as a control column, allowing me to attach two levers and a display.

The newer style of 1x1 tile with clip introduced in 2013 which has a C-shaped clip (15712) fits onto the torso nicely, whereas the old, more angular clip (2555) doesn't fit as well, for some strange reason. This warrants further investigation!

I also placed the seat in a mockup cockpit, shown below.


When I realised that I had precisely 13 of the bar-and-ball elements (22484), I hit on the idea of an LED illuminated digit.

The elements were inserted into headlight bricks arranged in a grid forming a figure of eight, and illuminated from behind with separate Power Functions LEDs, which were swapped in and out to create numerals 0-9.

The resulting ten images were combined into this animated GIF using an online converter.


Every space door has, for some reason, a serrated edge and this was my immediate idea for the Nexo shield (22385). The edges take on an odd sculpted look in this image.


This little scene pits two AT-ATs, each using two Nexo Bot torso elements to form the body, against a snowspeeder which uses four of the White 2x2 wedge plates (24307/24299) and is firing a bar-and-ball bolt of energy towards the hapless Imperial troops. The background was a box of tissues which happened to have a nice cloudy sky pattern!

Thanks Jez! Blown away by your beautiful images and inventive ideas. Follow Jez on Flickr here and return tomorrow for more fantastic ideas!

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  1. Jez, I love that cockpit seat. Well done mate.

  2. A lot of these photos make the new light bluish gray pieces look like they're all True Light Gray. I don't know if you achieved that through initial photography or through editing afterwards, but I LOVE it! It's absolutely perfect for making the MOCs look truly Classic Space.

  3. That Hoth scene is great, great use of parts!

  4. That is the most amazing use of the bar and ball elements yet!
    --Chaz Fairbanks