18 May 2014

The final competition entries

Posted by Admin

New Elementary's contest to design your own vision of LEGO® House closed on Thursday and judging is now well underway! The two winners will be announced on Friday.

I'm glad to say we had 30 entries, from 21 people, and they've all given us judges something to think about! I'd like to thank every one of you for taking the time to build - I wish I could post everyone a prize - but most of all, I hope you had fun building.

An entrant pointed out to me that Stupid Flickr doesn't display all the entries on our Group page if you are not logged into Flickr with an account. So I thought I would put them all here for everyone's enjoyment - click any pic to see the alternate shots on Flickr, plus some contestants write interesting comments about their designs.

Adam Dodge

Alan Smith

Andrew Phoenix



Colin Walle

Ezzet Ali LABIDI

Jesper Girl

Joe Miller

John Bubriski

Jonathan Richmond

Kurt Altschul


Leopold Mao

Lost Star


nates sala

Robert Murn


Stefano Bertola

Tom Alphin


  1. so many great looking builds, good luck everyone!

  2. A wonderful pool of wonderful entries!

    Looking at some of them, however, I can understand some of the reasons Lego probably went with the design they chose. For instance, colored surfaces would probably require more upkeep than the more minimalist white that is being used, as the sun took its toll on whichever paint was used. And the choice of a more abstract representation of bricks ensures that the design will not become "outdated" as Lego's design sense evolves in the years to come—the basic brick remains mostly unchanged to this date, but many other parts have changed such as tiles and arches. Who's to say what the Lego of a decade from now will look like?

  3. So many awesome entries! Good luck everyone.