11 February 2014

Ultimate alternate

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Just a quick note. In recent posts, fellow builders have been reworking sets from The LEGO® Movie to create alternate models. Perhaps you've considered giving it a try yourself...
well here's some further inspiration for you!

ReBrick, the MOC bookmarking site run by TLG, are running a competition with some rather unique LEGO Movie prizes. To enter you must build an alternate model using only the pieces from one official set of your choice. It's for 16 year-olds and over and closes at the end of March.

Hey, this seems like a good chance to remind ourselves of the alternate models we've come up with here at New Elementary over the last month!

Crowbot by Tim Goddard, built from 70808 Super Cycle Chase. Read the post

Something a bit bigger with wheels by Tim Goddard, built from 70808 Super Cycle Chase. Read the post

Robo-Budgie by Tim Johnson, built from 70802 Bad Cop's Pursuit. Read the post

Wyldstyle demonstrates the hairdressing technology of the future by Drew Maughan, built from 70801 Melting Room. Read the post

Light Escort Ship by Peter Reid, built from 70800 Getaway Glider. Read the post

Tyrellium Freighter by Peter Reid, built from 70807 MetalBeard's Duel. Read the post

Horatio Morgan and his Aerial Organ by Rod Gillies, built from 70812 Creative Ambush. Read the post

Am I my Husband's keeper? by James Pegrum, built from 70806 Castle Cavalry. Read the post


  1. Aerial Organ is definitely the winner, but I wish they would come out with something that better represents piano keys than white grilles on black.

    1. Well, this part isn't a competition :O)

  2. If my LEGO wasn't still sitting in moving boxes, I would be all over this contest, I have plenty of sets I could use as a base (or heck, use this as an excuse to buy the new police station or something :)

  3. Does anyone know how to construct the Tyrellium Freighter and Light Escort Ship? i'd really like to add them to my collection!