31 January 2021

(CW: HP) LEGO® 75979 Hedwig: Professor's "One Set" MOCs

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The Professor (on Instagram) is back today with more of his alternate builds of a LEGO® set: this time he creates 7 new models using only parts from Harry Potter 75979 Hedwig! The products in this article were provided for free by LEGO; the author's opinions are not biased by this. Editorial note: Although views expressed by Harry Potter's creator do not align with that of New Elementary, we continue to cover HP sets. Read about our stance here.

75979 Hedwig immediately attracted me because it mixes classic LEGO® System elements with Technic. I have always liked these sets which combine the best of both worlds, especially when maintaining aesthetics while integrating movement. Before I show you my alternate builds let's take a brief look at the original model and what interesting pieces you get in it.

The assembly of the set is a pleasant experience. The base, which allows you to display Harry's minifig with a mini owl, uses transparent bricks of the colours associated with Gryffindor.

Once built, 75979 is a very successful rendition of an owl with a mechanism well hidden under the body. And above all, the movement of the wings is smooth and accurate! 

I’m not entirely sure what the slight tilt in the stand is for. The stand would have benefitted from being built in a way that is more receptive to a motor; the model would require modification to attach one to the crank that activates the function.

Noteworthy LEGO pieces in 75979 Hedwig

75979 features 2 exclusive printed pieces. 

  • 2x Slide Shoe Round 2X2, No. 17 in Black (6301336 | 68011), which comprise the owl’s eyes. 
  • 1x Mini Upper Part No. 5224 in Black (6310965 | 76382), which is an exclusive print of a Gryffindor robe over a jumper and a scarf, and Dark Azure gloves.

Rare elements include:

  • 1x Owl Small with Open Wings, Angular Features in White with Yellow Eyes and Light Bluish Gray Rippled Chest Feathers Print (6299912 | 67871) which also appeared in 5 other 2020 Harry Potter sets
  • 2x Plate Special 1 x 3 with 2 Studs with Groove and Inside Stud Holder in Medium Blue (6211970 | 34103) which has only appeared in 3 sets since its 2018 introduction
  • 2x Tile Special 2 x 2 with 1 x 2 Vertical Plate in Reddish Brown (6290983 | 41682) which has since appeared in another 5 sets
  • 4x Plate 2 x 2 in Bright Bluish Green/ Dark Turquoise (6249390 | 3022) only introduced in 2020 but already in another 9 sets
  • 2x Cross Block 3M in White (6330960 | 42796), only found in 75895 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 from 2019

Alternate builds using parts from 75979 Hedwig

Using the parts from 75979 Hedwig I created by own spaceships, animals and mythical beasts. I tried to incorporate the boat stud with the eye print by subverting its intended purpose.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

LEGO Star Trek Enterprise

LEGO chess knight



LEGO Light Fury dragon

This is based on Light Fury in How to Train Your Dragon 3.

LEGO Chinese dragon

I have used the Technic parts to make a Chinese dragon that, like the original, has a moving function. 


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  1. The chess knight and functional dragon are the best! The knight especially wins with its scupting.

  2. The chess knight is particularly impressive, especially the shaping on the lower half.

  3. Are you planning on making instructions for these mocs? My favorites are definitely the horse chess piece and the millennium falcon.