11 May 2019

Bricks & Pieces: Jonas’ Highlights - April 2019

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With a new month comes new pieces on “Bricks & Pieces”, The LEGO Group’s service for purchasing individual new LEGO® elements. My highlights for April are here and while the list is short I still made some interesting findings. As always you can find my list here:

Most new parts come from the LEGO 4+ theme this month and therefore are quite big such as the new 1x8x3 Slope (Design ID 49618) and the new POOP: 1x4x3 Brick (49311). The latter is pretty useless for the AFOL community but the former will definitely find some use. Its angle is 25° in TLG's nomenclature or 33° if you prefer BrickLink's. It is only found in Toy Story 4 10767 Duke Caboom's Stunt Show at present.

My personal highlight is Vegetable, No. 1 (6233214), which seems to be the Mandrake from Harry Potter’s Neville Longbottom. Unlike the one from the Collectable Series this Mandrake seems to be unprinted. Brickset hasn’t listed the part yet, so I can’t say which set it comes in. Has someone spotted it yet?

I like how the piece is called Vegetable, No. 1 and when you think about it there weren’t many LEGO vegetables yet, especially when compared to how many different types of fruits we got. Seems like kids aren’t too fond of vegetables.

Also good news for everyone who wanted to get the 3x3 Technic Beam (39793) from the new SPIKE Prime theme: the black one is back in stock (6265644).

The two colours that are featured this month are Dark Red and Dark Orange. And did you know there are two different chicken leg moulds?

Thanks to everyone who suggested a colour for me to examine, they are all on the list and if you have any more, let me know! Let’s hope for many new parts for my next list in a month.

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  1. The Other Mike11 May 2019, 10:15:00

    6233214 comes with Chip in Collectable Minifigures Disney Series 2. It's used, along with a brown "nipple tile," to make an acorn.

    1. Now that you say it, I do remember! Thanks for pointing out.

  2. Carrot & pumpkin predate the mandrake, so who knows.

  3. The long turkey leg was introduced with the S1 Zombie, which needed to be able to hold it by the bone. Turns out the original leg isn't really long enough for a minifig hand to grip it from all angles. I'm still surprised that after all these years they still haven't just replaced the original leg with the long version.