16 September 2021

LEGO® Super Mario™ parts review: 71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block

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Victor Pruvost (@leewanlego) starts his review of LEGO® 71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block by examining its parts. Buying this set once it's released in October? Consider using our affiliate links, New Elementary may get a commission: USA LEGO Shop | Australia LEGO Shop | UK LEGO Shop/for Europe 'Change region'. Products in this article were provided by LEGO; the author's opinions are their own.

The latest LEGO® Super Mario™ set, 71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block, has recently been revealed and will be available from 1 October 2021 priced US$169.99/ £159.99/ €169.99/ AU$289.99/ CA$199.99. Today we’re going to examine the contents of this mysterious yellow box. Ready? Let’s-a go!

Parts in 71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block

Before taking a look at the new elements created for this set, I wanted to talk about the obvious: the huge amount of yellow pieces used to cover five of the six faces of the cube (the bottom face is not covered in tiles – in fact it is hollow, but more about that later).

This is not a full list, but rather a highlight of the parts that come in rather important quantities:

  • 12 x Tile 2x3 (6388483 | 26603)
  • 18 x Tile 2x6 (6388486 | 69729) – this element has only been seen in two 2021 Speed Champions sets before
  • 23 x Tile 2x2 (6388487 | 3068)
  • 28 x Tile, Modified 2x2 with Studs on Edge (6388491 | 33909) – not pictured here
  • 68 x Tile 2x2 inverted (6388485 | 11203) – this is also the very first appearance of this element
  • 40 x Slope Curved 2x4 x1 1/3 (6388489 | 6081)
  • 83x Tile 2x4 (6388490 | 87079)

As for the corners, they’re made with new elements.

First of all, the 2x2 corner brick with rounded corner and smooth top (6388484 | 67810) appears for the first time in (you guessed it) yellow. There are eight of them in the set.

More interestingly, a brand new mould has been created to fill the gap below the rounded corner bricks 67810: plate, round corner 2x2 with 1x1 cutout (6365891 | 79491), or 2x2 boomerang plate. Again, this element appears eight times in yellow.

It only has two studs, so in some ways it could be considered as a POOP: two 1x1 plates and one 1x1 quarter circle tile.

Its curve matches existing parts, such as the 4x4 Mario plate (66792), the 2x2 macaroni tile or the 3x3 boomerang plate (68568). By the way, I find it very satisfying to see that if you put the boomerang plates 79491 and 68568 on top of a plate, round corner 3x3 (30357), the LEGO logos on the studs will all read in the same direction!

It can also be used as a 2x2 corner plate, but without the central stud, and this can be useful. I really look forward to seeing this element in more colours. 

In the meantime I’ve built a small tablescrap around one of the splat gears provided in the set. The gear is one of the elements used in a secret level in the set... so I will hold off telling you about those parts until part 2 of my review!

Does this element inspire you? What would you build with it?

The rounded pieces aren’t the only elements of interest in the set: there’s also a good selection of recolours, printed pieces and rare elements.

I’ve already mentioned the 68 tiles inverted 2x2 and the rounded corner bricks 2x2, but they are not the only elements appearing for the first time in yellow: you can also find:

  • 1 x crown / egg shell half (6365630 | 39262)
  • 2 x cattle horn, short (6365604 | 64847), and these also appear 4 times in Bright Red / Red (6368619 | 64847).

The other elements in new colours include:

  • 1 x minifigure telescope in Bright Green (6365617 |64644)
  • 1 x bracket 1x1 – 1x1 inverted in Bright Yellowish Green/ Lime (6365620 | 36840)
  • 4 x tile round corner 2x2 macaroni in Dark Green / Green (6365611 | 27925)
  • 4 x ice cream scoops in Earth Green/ Dark Green (6365619 | 6254)
  • 2 x Technic beam 1x11 in Reddish Brown (6365622 | 32525)
  • 1 x brick round 2x2 dome bottom in Reddish Brown (6365627 | 15395)
  • 1 x tile 1x3 in Light Nougat (6357804 | 63864)

And last but not least, the recolour I’m the most excited about is also the most colourless:

  • 2 x lightsaber in Transparent / Trans-Clear (6365618 | 28697)

It’s also worth pointing out that some of the new moulds introduced in the last few months can be found here, namely:

  • 2 x Technic, axle 2L with frictionless pin in White (6289797 | 65249) and 
  • 7 x bracket 1x1 – 1x2 in Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray (6362975 | 79389).

The set comes with several decorated elements, all printed (or stickered, for the barcode tile).

  • 1 x Technic balljoint with black and blue eye with pupil pattern in white (6360250 | 32474)
  • 1 x wheel 18x14 smooth with white moustache pattern in black (6360247 | 55889)
  • 1 x Technic balljoint with white teeth pattern in black (6360248| 32474)
  • 6 x tile 1x1 with dark bluish gray square rotated pattern in Light Bluish Gray (6360254 | 3070)
  • 1 x tile 1x1 with Cool, Cool Mountain painting pattern in Bright Blue/ Blue (6360252 | 3070)
  • 1 x tile 1x1 with Lethal Lava Land painting pattern in Yellow  (6360251 | 3070)
  • 1 x tile 1x1 with Bob-Omb Battlefield painting pattern in Yellow  (6360253 | 3070)
  • 1 x tile 1x1 half circle with Peach stained glass pattern in White (6360255 | 24246)
  • 1 x tile 2x2 with Bowser sliding picture pattern in Bright Orange/ Orange (6360256 |3068)
  • 1 x tile round 2x2 with barcode sticker in Yellow (6366086 | 14719)
  • 1 x plate 1x1 with black moustache pattern in Light Nougat (6360246 | 3024)

There is also a spare « moustache plate » in the set, and if you put them both side to side, it resembles eyelashes and makes me want to build a character with closed eyes.

In part 2 I will examine the model itself including how the mechanism functions and its hidden features. The set will be available from 1 October 2021 priced US$169.99/ £159.99/ €169.99/ AU$289.99/ CA$199.99 – and please consider using our affiliate links, New Elementary may get a commission: USA LEGO Shop | Australia LEGO Shop | UK LEGO Shop/for Europe 'Change region'.  

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  1. Nice review of the parts!

    The new 2x2 curved corner plates may seem like a POOP in theory, but when a POOP can only be recreated with 1x1 parts that don't connect together on their own, having a "composite" part offers a lot of potential. In this case, 1x1 quarter round tiles couldn't really achieve the same effect of finishing off a perfectly rounded corner because they have to attach to a stud—and very few plates, bricks, or brackets have that radius, none of which would work for a corner like this. By the way, I really love the tablescrap you made with these and the "splat gear"—it's wild how well that lines up!

    The recolors this set offers include some nice ones, particularly that transparent lightsaber blade. Previously you would have to use a 1x1x4 antenna for a clear "stand" like that, which works for many purposes, but not all.

    The printed parts in the set are gorgeous, too. Despite their small size and limited color palette, the 1x1 "painting" tiles are all instantly recognizable to those who have played Super Mario 64. The printed "Voodoo Balls" (Technic/Bionicle ball joints) are also both great looking and seem like they could be fantastic for MOCs! And the understated diamond tile could be great for patterns both inside and outside this theme.

    I'll be interested in how the stickered floor pattern tile functions with Lego Mario and the app. I had at first assumed that the 10 "hidden stars" in the set would each have their own tile to scan—since they don't, I have to assume that there are some other sorts of colored markers for Mario to recognize that are "activated" by this one central tile (much like how the NES set used a single tile to activate its functionality and a rotating set of markers to recognize Mario's position within the on-screen level).

  2. Interesting choice of part for the King Bob-omb figure.
    When I saw the pictures I initially assumed it was the round part used for e.g. BB-8's body or Oscar the Grouch's head.

  3. Mario et moi