20 September 2021

LEGO® Super Heroes review: 76191 Infinity Gauntlet

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Jonas Kramm (@jonaskramm) goes for gold today as he reviews LEGO® Super Heroes 76191 Infinity Gauntlet. Buying this set? Consider using our affiliate links, New Elementary may get a commission: USA LEGO Shop | Australia LEGO Shop | UK LEGO Shop/for Europe 'Change region'. Products in this article were provided by LEGO; the author's opinions are their own.

With the power of the six Infinity Stones the new LEGO® Marvel 76191 Infinity Gauntlet becomes reality! A new set targeting adult LEGO geeks and fans of shiny elements.

Elements in 76191 Infinity Gauntlet

Gold Ink/ Metallic Gold

The highlight of this set is for sure the number of pieces in the beautiful colour Gold Ink/ Metallic Gold. It’s usually quite a rare colour, but with 153 pieces in that gold shade the Infinity Gauntlet tops all previous sets!

Not all of them are new, but there a quite a few additions to the selection of Metallic Gold pieces:

  • 8x Tile 4 x 4 Macaroni (6348197 | 78885)
  • 8x Brick Curved 2 x 2 x 2/3 Two Studs and Curved Slope End (6348194 | 78882) 
  • 12x Wedge Curved 1 x 2 x 2/3 No Studs, Wing End (6348193 | 47458)

Wedge Curved 10 x 3 Right (6348196 | 78884) and Wedge Curved 10 x 3 Left (6348195 | 78883) appear twice in this set and are some of the biggest pieces ever made in Metallic Gold. Be careful to not scratch them!

Other interesting pieces included in Metallic Gold are:

  • 3x Wedge Curved 4 x 3 (6294522 | 67121) appeared once before in  80012 Monkie Kid Warrior Mech
  • 6x Tile 45° Cut 2 x 2 (6316567 | 69537) was only included in 76165 Iron Man Helmet
  • 2x Tile 1 x 4 (6332155 | 75703) were used in 80024 The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain

Slope Curved 2 x 1 (6294532 | 67128) is worth a mention too, as there are 41 of them here!

I love photographing these golden bits so I made a pattern with the various pieces this set supplies:

Sand Yellow/ Dark Tan

Another prominent colour for the gauntlet is Sand Yellow/ Dark Tan and this set introduces a few recolours as well:

Wedge Curved 10 x 3 Right (6266294 | 50956) and Wedge Curved 10 x 3 Left (6266296 | 50955) come twice each here.

These three useful elements are also new in Sand Yellow/ Dark Tan:

  • 1x Slope Curved 2 x 2 Inverted (6356427 | 32803)
  • 4x Bracket 1 x 2 - 1 x 2 (6328477 | 99781)
  • 7x Plate Round 2 x 2 with Rounded Bottom (6353064 | 2654)

Not completely new, but at this moment not-too-common in sets are this trio of wedge slopes:

  • Wedge Sloped 45° 3 x 3 Right (6331861 | 48165) and Wedge Sloped 45° 3 x 3 Left (6331863 | 42862) both only came in Story of Nian before.
  • 2x Wedge Sloped 45° 2 x 2 Corner (6331865 | 13548) get used in this colour for the third time.

Other colours

An unexpected new element is the ordinary Plate 1 x 2 (6353273 | 28653) which never came in Transparent Bright Bluish Violet/ Trans-Purple before and is included here twice.

The Build

Ever wonder how Thanos built his Infinity Gauntlet? Today we will reveal the secret and take a look at how the LEGO version comes together. 

It starts with a pillar on a black base. The stand is reinforced on the inside with Technic liftarms to make it sturdy. The top of the pillar has various clips and brackets to connect the sections of the Gauntlet. Note the ball joint which will hold the thumb later.

The first usage of golden pieces in this set are these panels, which are covered with some interesting textures. Gold Ink/ Metallic Gold gets mixed with Sand Yellow/ Dark Tan for the gauntlet, which work exceptionally well together. 

Each panel is connected using this clever geometry of clips and the 2x3 shield with studs. This technique is really common these days and Thomas Jenkins explained it in detail when he reviewed 10281 Bonsai Tree.

The extravagant wrist cuff of the Gauntlet is shaped using panels on all four sides. It's quite satisfying how well the Wedges align. Good job by Carter Baldwin, the designer in charge, who evolved from an AFOL to a LEGO designer in 2019.

The hand section starts blockily, but becomes more and more interesting with the integration of wedges in Dark Tan. 

To reverse the building direction and have the studs also facing outward on the palm, a technique with clips and bricks with handles comes in handy.

You can spot the Plates 1 x 1 Rounded with Handle in this picture, which allow some articulation with the fingers to the sides. I'm glad these are some of the only few elements used in Warm Gold/ Pearl Gold, as they look very flat in comparison to the lovely Metallic Gold.

The backs of the fingers make use of two Metallic Gold recolours. Especially the Wedge Curved 1 x 2 x 2/3 No Studs, Wing End (6348193 | 47458) work perfectly here as they cover the joints when the fingers are angled.

The final detail added are the six Infinity Stones, all slightly different.

Advanced builder fun fact: All wedges are included in the same quantities for left and right so you could build the gauntlet for the right hand instead, if you want.

The completed Infinity Gauntlet

The finished gauntlet is majestic! The LEGO set does a perfect job recreating this piece of superhero pop culture. With the combination of Metallic Gold and Dark Tan, the colour of the original gauntlet gets captured fittingly and makes it a shiny display piece. Even though the set might appear quite big in these pictures, the Gauntlet isn't as big as the hand of an actual adult, and not at all close to Thanos’ hand.

The articulation of the fingers is fairly good and probably as well as you can expect from an armoured Gauntlet.

Of course you can recreate the iconic snap Thanos does in the Marvel movie. 

One minor flaw in my eyes is the gauntlet's palm. The final build looks a bit too simple compared to the rest.

I'm also not very happy with the thumb. The internal structure in Dark Bluish Gray is visible and the side of the thumb is covered sloppily with just a 1x6 Tile.

Otherwise I'm really impressed with the results and enjoyed the build! And even though the thumb is connected with just one ball joint, the gauntlet works as a proper stand for my Ulysses MOC! (Free instructions.)

Comparing the Infinity Gauntlet with Monkie Kid Mech

I had the pleasure to review the LEGO Monkie Kid Warrior Mech a year ago, the set with the most Metallic Gold pieces – until now. But with a new record of 153 pieces in that colour, the Gauntlet takes the throne, even though it’s the smaller set:

  • 76191 Infinity Gauntlet has 590 pieces / 152 in Metallic Gold
  • 80012 Monkie King Warrior Mech has 1629 pieces / 119 in Metallic Gold

The mech was the pioneer in terms of using Metallic Gold in large quantities and introduced a couple of new elements in that colour, for the Infinity Gauntlet to rely upon.


My motivation to review the Infinity Gauntlet was mainly the new pieces in Metallic Gold, but now I’m really fond of the finished model as well and will keep it on my shelf as long as I don’t urgently need the parts.

At £59.99 / $69.99 / 69.99€ for 590 pieces, the Infinity Gauntlet isn’t the cheapest parts pack, but if you can get a little discount all the beautiful Metallic Gold will be worth it! If you are buying this set from LEGO.com, please consider using our affiliate links, New Elementary may get a commission: USA LEGO Shop | Australia LEGO Shop | UK LEGO Shop/for Europe 'Change region'

Come back tomorrow when we interview the LEGO® Super Heroes team about the gauntlet and their design process!

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  1. This review was inevitable...

    (I'll see myself out.)

  2. It seemed odd that I had a leftover 2x1 curved slope at the end of bag 3, so I went back through the booklet and sure enough I completely missed the same step you did.

    At the base of palm of the hand, there should be a Slope Curved 2 x 1 (6294532 | 67128), and beside it a 1x1 quarter-round tile (both in the drum-lacquered gold).

    I don't think it'll affect the review, but just for the sake of your own display model, I figured I'd point it out.

    Love the blog; fantastic content as always!

  3. Thanks for the hint!
    I missed that completely, but should have gotten suspicious, that a 1x2 slope usually isn't a spare piece. It's now fixed.