01 November 2019

2019 Skærbæk Workshop: lots of bits!

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In September 2019 we ran a workshop at the Skaerbaek Fan Weekend in Denmark. 60 AFOLs were given two hours to make interesting stuff using some of the newest LEGO® parts, and a supply of mostly random brick stock. Of the hundreds of models and tablescraps created, we are presenting some of the most interesting to inspire your own creations. My thanks to the SFW organisers, the New Elementary team on the day and our cheery photographer, Andrew Tipping.

Rather than highlighting particular elements, today's creations use various seed parts from the array in ingenious ways.

Erik Smit “Deer”

Gustav Malmborg “In the Snow”

You need to imagine the teal coral is instead white; it is remarkable how well it mimics snow being flung!

Peter Szikriszt “Coral grinder”

Hugo Santos “Sea Creature - giving back a relic”

Huw Millington “Tree”

Jessica Rolander “Structure for roof, curtains… or skewers almost ready to eat!”

Erik Smit “Cow”

Michel Koenen “Droid with the Golden Gun”

Peter Szikriszt “Coral nose”

Michel Koenen “Cleaning the floor”

Jaap Bijl “Marge Simpson’s broken leg”

Jme Wheeler “Radar Dish, Palm Tree, Creature & Drone”

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