06 November 2019

Recycle my Bicycle: The entries, part 1

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Our recent building competition invited you to use the new LEGO® bicycle frame (Design ID 50015) as something different. It closed last week, and before we announce the five winners we're going to show you all 33 entries; half today and half tomorrow.

Here is the first half, in the order in which we received them.


Mai Wisdom

Looking at the seed part to figure out what I was going to build, the wheel well and guard reminded me of the front of an animal skull. The setup to attach the horns and eyes ended up lending itself well to a minotaur-style monster.

It Came From Outer Space

karl delahaye 

I drew a little inspiration from the Lego Ideas mech (21109) in as mush as it's quite fragile. My little alien has not got great playability but you have to admit is as cute as a button.

The Dead Rides Again

Eli Willsea

Angel of Death


"Angel Death has come to take her away. Old Hollywood Diva's time has come.

Angel's seed part wings will carry them both."

A Strange Discovery


Quite a strange thing to dig up in the middle of the desert. The remains of a giant seahorse maybe?

Patrol Trike


I built this mostly to see what kind of connections I could make to the bike frame. It was interesting tk discover what pieces could be gently inserted into the back of the frame and what would hold them there.

Defending the Planet

karl delahaye

After playing around with the bicycle part for a while this idea came to me. And of course, I had to make a super-cool little alien space ship.

The hardest decision was which alien minifigure to use in the space ship. I did consider photoshopping the space ship so it looked like it was flying but decided I quite liked the stand.

CLASSIC Space SpazeStation


Micro space station in Classic Space design.

Mantis Bot


The arms and legs were easy. Finding that the T-Piece (4697) fits the tire connection in the bicycle hub, really made this work

An Angel

Jaroslaw Walter

It was quick idea, from the bottom bicycle part looking like a face for me so decided working with it.
I used 23 parts to make it including transparent parts for stand.

As well as the bicycle part I used Motorcycle Fairing (52035).

Delivery Drone


A minifig scale autonomous Lego Delivery System. The tricky part was connecting a piece *inside* the bike frame. 1x1 and 1x2 round plates with holes, and skeleton arms became important

Robotic Winter beast


I found the bike element is quite good to build a robotic head. So I just gave it a try. It is inspired by dewback set and I tried to make it more friendly and playful. It is built for my two kids. big brother could add on his starwar minifig, or small sister could add on her Elsa friend minifig. I pretty enjoy to try this new element and finish the work. (it was originally a chicken!)

Art Nouveau House with decorative ironwork

Jackie Britton

Inspired by the Art Nouveau town houses of Brussels, this narrow facade incorporates sinuous decorative ironwork.

Gamebench 0937


I built this "Gamebench 0937", which is a really comfortable play station for hardcore gamer minifigures. It features a high quality, 2.1 sound system, a high resolution screen, a wireless controller, and a really big, comfy chair. - And of course 4 of the new bicycle pieces! :)

Move Over Murray, Step aside Serena...it's the Tennis-Bot 8000

karl delahaye

"With tennis Grand Slam season fast approaching I thought I would create the ultimate tennis star.
I started to create this after realising I had a couple of tennis rackets and then obviously buying some more. The bicycle part is integral to the design as it acts as a frame from which everything else moves out."


Jaroslaw Walter (wallyjarek)

I hope it not will be considered a copy. When another Part Fest came out and I saw Bone Fish made by Ben Tritschler, he inspired me to do a fish.

I used two new bicycle parts to make it. I connected them using Plate, Modified 1 x 1 with Clip Horizontal (61252) and plate round. I added few parts like Minifigure, Wing Feathered (11100), Cattle Horn - Long (13564), Arm with Technic Pin (28660). At the end I added coral reef.

Cyclosaurus Rex


"I ordered three of the seed part as soon as the contest was announced and had planned to build a skeleton-like mech but ran out of time.

I started building this last weekend, just needing to fill out the landscape. I almost decided not to finish building the model once the new Ideas set was announced, but I'm glad I did."

Who is your favourite from this first batch? Let us know in the comments!

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    Some pretty nice entries there.

  3. my favorite is "The Dead Rides Again"

  4. Ooh liking the micro space station, never would've thought to put ski poles into the wheel mount holes!

  5. Some great enteries, really imaginative.

  6. I think the Tennis-Bot is awesome.