21 August 2019

2019 Parts Fest #1: Jessica Farrell's animals

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The next Parts Festival participant to introduce you to is Jessica Farrell from Ireland, a member of Brick.ie. You may have first seen Jessica's work when her LEGO® version of Her Majesty's Theatre in London gained widespread coverage back in 2015. She runs her own nursery and so you you can expect organic builds from her, and today is no exception as we look at the animals she created from the parts selection we sent her.

I felt genuine anxiety when I received my sealed box of new elements. I had already discovered that, to my chagrin, my creative brain stubbornly does not work this way! When I build a model, I choose the elements to suit the build rather than chose the build to suit the elements. I’d happily put all these new elements away in a drawer somewhere until, one day, I’m puzzling over a tricky, fiddly bit of some enormous model and suddenly a bell rings in my head and I know just the part to fit... but Tim said “Just go and build stuff, I have faith in you,” so (gulp) here goes!


Hearts aren’t normally orange, therefore the little orange heart-shaped tiles (6258993|39739) reminded me more of webbed feet than anything else. I have kept geese for years so it was only natural that I’d want to build a goose. Well, he’s a gander, actually, and I built him in that hissing, threatening pose that my silly gander puts on whenever I go to feed him!

I was also given those new sloping wedge bricks in white (Left – 625460|42862, and Right – 6248671|48165) and they make pretty good wings... Ha! What a great way to kill two birds with one stone!


Turned upside down and lined up, these odd, round grey pieces (Mini Hat, No. 46 – 6254404|33492) look a lot like the suction pads on the undersides of octopus tentacles. But why build an ordinary octopus when you can go wildly weird and build a funky rocktopus?

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  1. Hehe!I Love the gander's posing, I can almost hear it hissing at the camera. And nice job using the orange hearts, all my attempts to use those failed so I'm pleased to see them as the inspration for a build.

  2. Wait what's the 3.18 piece used for the Gander's legs? Im not aware of any 2L shaft existing but it looks too short to be 3L?

    1. Orange flex-tube (Hose, Rigid 3mm) was used for the first time in 42053 Volvo EW160E three years ago.

  3. So cool!Great thinking behind them 😀