14 March 2019

New Elementary launched on Patreon

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New Elementary Patreon page
We've been working on an exciting new offering that's now live: the New Elementary Patreon page. This blog will continue as always, publishing for free the quality original content about LEGO® parts that you've come to know and love. Patreon is now your opportunity to support the work we do – and as a bonus, get access to exclusive extras every month on our Patreon feed.

Patreon?? Never heard of it

Established in 2013, Patreon is a platform that gives people a way to become patrons of their favourite creators and artists. Now, two million people are giving a monthly amount to more than 100,000 creators. You pick the level of monthly support you want to give from a choice of tiers and aside from that warm glowing feeling you get, many creators (including us!) offer some rewards in return. The higher the tier, the more rewards you can see on our feed. We've made a couple of our Patreon posts public already just to give you the idea.

Your chosen amount is initially paid to us on the day you subscribe and thereafter at the beginning of each month. You'll have instant access to what we've posted on Patreon so far, and can expect more each month.

What are the tiers and rewards?

We started off with three tiers and soon added a fourth; here are their names and monthly amounts (US dollars):
  • Earth Green: $1
  • Sand Blue: $3
  • Medium Azure: $6
  • Vibrant Coral: $12
For $3 and up you receive rewards via our Patreon feed. The rewards are things like seeing stuff in advance and extra content you won't see on the blog, behind the scenes news and info from us, and even opportunities to join in polls to affect New Elementary's decision-making processes! Head over to our tiers page to see all the rewards for each level.

Why is New Elementary doing this?

We're not some big company - we're just a handful of LEGO fans devoting a lot of our spare time to regularly bring you quality original LEGO content. Why? We love LEGO. But it's work too; work that we've been doing for nearly six years now and often pay for out of our own pockets. Many kind readers already help us out (some super-lovely ones on a monthly basis) and we think this could be the way forward.

For example we ran a pledge drive last year and hopefully you've noticed the difference it made yourself...
  • Attendance at Fan Media Days in Billund meant we could bring you a series of insightful interviews with LEGO designers and other employees, and the launch of the Technic Bugatti
  • We could afford to purchase some sets above and beyond what The LEGO Group send us, meaning more set reviews than before.
  • Having more money for postage means more parts festivals to inspire your building. Our last parts fest parcels were delivered to Russia, Austria, USA, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden and Denmark!
  • We can purchase specific LEGO elements to look at in more detail and we can all geek out on the mathematics and geometry of 'the system' with new elements.
If you enjoy what we do and can afford to help keep us going, we'd be honoured.

Become a Patron!

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