16 September 2018

Fairy Bricks: Bikes to Billund!

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In order to raise money to buy LEGO® sets for sick children, four LEGO fans (including two New Elementary contributors) are cycling all the way from London, UK to Billund, Denmark! That's nearly 1000 km (620 miles). They leave this Thursday 20 September and at time of writing are close to raising £3,500 – let's get them to £4,000!

All this is in aid of New Elementary's favourite charity, Fairy Bricks.

"Fairy Bricks has one very simple objective: to give LEGO to children in hospital. When we tell people that, they often pause before they respond, anticipating for us to say something else but that really is it."
Kev Gascoigne, Founder

I've had first-hand experience of the effects of what Fairy Bricks do, when volunteering at donation days at children's hospitals in London. The LEGO Group talk about "the power of play", and to see it in practice with a hospitalised child is quite indescribable. And it's not just the sick kids; their siblings are so happy to be doing something they love while they visit their brother or sister. And can you imagine the immense relief on the parents' faces when there's something to distract the children – as well as themselves? A couple of times I've met parents anxiously waiting for their slot for their child to go into surgery. Sometimes they have to wait all day. Give them a set and they too are lost in the instructions, doing more building than the little one and chatting about how there's still a beloved M-Tron set in its original box in the attic. They head back to the ward grinning.

The awesome foursome – Huw Millington, James Pegrum, Ed Diment and Ralph Doering – start from the London LEGO Store on 20 September.

Once on the continent they follow the route shown here, to end up at LEGO House in Billund at 9.30am Thursday 27 September. If you're in Billund that day be sure to get there on time as there may be some special surprises!

Having problems (such as your card issuer blocking overseas transactions)? You can donate directly to the Fairy Bricks charity's Paypal page.

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