15 September 2018

PdC Parts Fest 2018: Neck bracket with 4 bars

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At Paredes de Coura (PdC) Fan Weekend in Portugal in June 2018, New Elementary ran a workshop where 25 builders were given 11 of the new LEGO® parts released in 2018 to experiment with. With the clock running, they used these in combination with general part stock (provided from the magnificent collection of Comunidade 0937) to create as many ideas, tablescraps, techniques and small MOCs as they could and we’re sharing the most interesting and useful ones with you.

Today we look at a very unusual new part; a new neck bracket for minifigures that comes in Black (Element ID 6215458 | Design ID 36452) which BrickLink call 'Minifig, Neck Bracket with 4 Angled Handles' and TLG 'Mini Back Plate,W/3,2 Shaft'.

Here are three of them attached together with two straight droid arms (Design ID 59230). The shape from which the bar connectors project is roughly pentagonal, but sadly not perfectly. However there's a reason for this, and it's to do with the System.

The two bars closest to the neck connector are at 90°. This gives you two (very) stable points of connection to attach the piece to System.

Arranging two of them facing one another (this time using four bent droid arms, Design ID 30377) with the neck connectors facing downwards creates a very satisfying cage-like shape. Note the neck bracket holes sit on the studs of two jumper plates; more on that in a moment.

This drone is a great use for the four bar connectors.

The four bars lend themselves well for attaching legs, leaving the hole (where the piece attaches to the minifigure's neck) to create some sort of head. Like this lumbering all-terrain robot reindeer (I think). For Santa's trickier deliveries perhaps?

Here are some more quadrupeds.

You may have noted that unlike the cage around the tree shown earlier, none of these quadruped models  connect a regular stud into the minifigure neck hole.

That's because unlike early minifigure neck bracket pieces, the hole is too loose to fit; there's no clutch at all. This is no doubt deliberate; LEGO don't tend to like atypical connection methods.  They're not in the System!

You can see in the above tablescrap that the builder used the Nexo bot torso piece (Design ID 24078) with the neck bracket, jamming its neck connection illegally into the base of a brick to hold the neck bracket. As if the neck bracket didn't already have enough 3.18mm bar connections on it, combining it with this torso adds another four! – an area ripe for further exploration.

The jaunty angles of those four bars are heightened here by attaching 'sails' at rotated angles.

To finish, a range of microscale weapons using the neck bracket as well as other parts from the workshop, which you will see more of soon!

At time of writing this piece is found only in the following LEGO Super Heroes Avengers Infinity War sets, on the minifigures indicated.

Our thanks to Comunidade 0937 for providing the brick stock and the assistants, to PdC Fan Weekend for the opportunity, to The LEGO Group for providing the new parts, to Andrew Tipping for the fantastic photography and to Sven Franic for his excellent introductory presentation. Most of all, thanks to the builders!

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  1. Awww man, I wish I could have been a part of this building fest. That bracket part is right up my alley. I love building with bar and clips. It's such a cool part. Being a minifig part though, it's probably not gonna be cheap to get in higher quantities. Minifig bits are always so overpriced on Bricklink. Cool article, thanks Tim

    1. $0.91 Canadian on bricks and pieces which is currently lower than bricklink.

  2. I think the taller stud on the 24445 Plate with Mini Neck Connector might help with the poor clutch on the neck bracket. https://brickset.com/parts/design-24445