30 April 2016

Nexo-Classic Space: Peter Reid

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All week we've had excellent Spacers (Drew HamiltonJason BriscoeTim GoddardJeremy Williams and David Alexander Smith) building gorgeous things with this bunch of new LEGO ® parts. Today it is the turn of Pete Reid; co-author of LEGO Space: Building the Future and the designer of 21109 Exo Suit, with its wee adorable robot turtle. Once again he has employed the masterful skills of Chris Salt to hone the loveliness of the imagery.

Grab a cup of tea first. Strong, British tea. You're going to want to scroll slowly. Over to Pete...


First up, a homage to a classic arcade game, Asteroids. Only a couple of pieces are actually attached to other pieces. I'm not sure laying out elements like this counts as a proper LEGO model.


Next up is a little microscale spaceship, the Waxbill. It uses two pairs of the little white 2x2 wedge plates and has, I think, quite a nice flow of parts.


I've also got a maze, which uses the 1x2 double corner panels. I could have made the same thing years ago with 1x1 corner panels, but the double version gets rid of a few unsightly gaps.

I've rebuilt this model several times, and it looks okay, but there's a problem. The problem is at this scale, there's nothing to legally use as a ball, so you can't really play with it like a real one. I've painstakingly photographed the maze at a specific angle, to make it seem like there's a ball.


After several false starts, I managed to find another use for the orange shooty things (3.2 Shaft W/5.9 Ball or, on BrickLink, Bar1L with Towbar, Design ID 22484). They make lovely eyes for Omnibot, a robot toy I yearned for in the 1980s. The design still charms me.

I enjoyed researching Omnibot a great deal, and particularly liked this official Omnibot advert.


The Estela, a nanoscale Neo-Classic Space ship. I'm starting to get into these shields.

Turtle Weapon Variants

I've been building a lot of robot turtles over the last few months. I like robot turtles, and the new breathing regulator gives the little guys an adorable muzzle. The addition of a Clikits ring and fireman breather make for a really snazzy upgrade, I think.

I uploaded a turtle weapons lineup to Flickr recently and I'm still in turtle weapons mode. These new parts helped me make some new artillery for my robot friends.

  1. First up is the TJ Lazer, which uses the Nexo Bot torso. Those robot bodies are lovely, but a tricky element to showcase. That central stud is begging for a tile.
  2. Next we have the Tactical Artillery Launcher. This was where I discovered Nexo shields have a similar bevelled edge as one of my other favourite pieces, the 1x2 ingot.
  3. The Hellfire Cannon uses two Nexo Bot torsos at the base of the weapon.

As a special bonus to New Elementary readers, here's an animated turtle with Twin Beam Cannons, created by the excellent Chris Salt.

Exo Suit with Horizon Assault Platforms

Experimenting with putting things on other things. This started as another turtle weapon, but I thought it might look nice if I built two and put them on my original Exo Suit.

Thanks Pete! Every one of these was a delight. Folks you can follow Pete on Flickr here where you might find some relatives of Estela.

This was the finale of our “Nexo-Classic Space” posts, but we still have one more (non-Spacer) builder using the parts to create lovely things. Tune in tomorrow for that!

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  1. Looks like Custom Printing there on the Omnibot? Any tips for newbies trying out something similar?


    1. I could be wrong but I think the Omnibot detailing was done in Ps as a post production add-on as it appears sharper than the Omnibot itself in the image. Apologies if I have this wrong although in a sense it is complimentary to a customiser as the printing would be very good :-) Love this bot x

  2. What a fantastic series of posts this has been! It has made me somewhat of a neo-space convert and I have gone ahead and purchased LEGO Space : Building the Future for some more inspiration. A big thank you to all the contributors!

    1. So glad to hear you enjoyed it! I am pretty certain you will enjoy the book too, it is beautiful

  3. That Exosuit upgrade is Insane! So inspiring!

  4. Tiny Omnibot it so tiny.
    I too longed for him as a kid.

  5. Awesome. Though I wish I could get my hands on these parts without having to buy those 'orrible Nexo Knights sets.

  6. Awesome builds! What part did you use for the fake ball in the maze?
    --Chaz Fairbanks

    1. Looks like the silver microphone.



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  8. I've always been a fan of lego robot turtles. Well done! Love the gun design.