01 May 2016

Nexo-Classic Household Appliances: Elspeth De Montes

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All week we've been enjoying amazing creations that use a selection of new 2016 LEGO® parts, built exclusively for New Elementary by a fantastic bunch of AFOLs from the UK. It's been all Spacers so far but today we have one last builder who is not a Spacer: Elspeth De Montes. She brought things firmly back down to a domestic setting!

The shape of the Nexo shield caused her to think of an ironing board. "It’s not exactly going to win the Dyson innovation award for Most Stable Ironing Board," admits Elspeth, but it certainly is delightful I'm sure you will agree.

The next build Elspeth presented to me was... an iron. I detected a theme emerging.

When I queried her on her apparent obsession, she explained: "Even in space, creases in trousers must be maintained!" Here was I thinking our Space theme was over... it seems Elspeth's appliances are in fact from the future.

By this point she was clearly on a roll. The next build, which utilised two other pieces from the selection, came with its own product description.

"I would like to introduce my latest invention in the new range of Nexo-Classic Household Appliances….the Nexo-Classic Vacuum 3000™.

"It has a 360° fully rotating head based on trans-neon orange ball-bar joint technology. Its beautiful main body allows integral head attachment and extender handle via Nexo Bot torsology with suspension by means of droid arms, which attach onto the ball-bars to allow independent movement should your vacuum encounter uneven carpeting, or an object in the way such a sleeping dog that you want to let lie.

"Moving on to the extender handle: this allows removal of annoying insects from hard to reach places…"

Perhaps you might be wondering just what sort of insect Elspeth is referring to. Well, she sent me this close up.

I'm sorry to say this special week is now over; thanks to all my fantastic builders who have wowed us with these amazing, inventive, fun and crazy builds. If you missed any of the others be sure to check them out now: Drew HamiltonJason BriscoeTim GoddardJeremy WilliamsDavid Alexander Smith and Peter Reid. Thank you so much to them and to Elspeth, who also kindly organised the parts distribution. Follow her on Flickr here. Extra special thanks goes to Kim Ellekjær Thomsen for providing the parts in the first place!

Do you have any of our selected parts yet? Inspired to make something cool? Send me the results and if I get enough of them to make another post, I will!

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  1. Spiders aren't insects!


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Nick, I had no intentions of building household appliances until I jokingly commented that the shield looked like an ironing board....and voila! Great week from NE, loved all the builds :-)

  3. Great to see the return of element focussed posts.

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