26 April 2016

Nexo-Classic Space: Jason Briscoe

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Welcome to part two of our investigation into some of the new parts the LEGO® Group have released in 2016. In part one, Drew Hamilton created a Utility Bot in a suitably Spacey room. Today it's the turn of Jason Briscoe (Brizzasbricks) to see what Spacey stuff he could make with the selection and he really went for it! Thanks also to the awesome Chris Salt, who did some awesome photoshoppery to make some of Jason's builds even Spacier and awesomier.

Citroën DS-inspired Rover

"This was my favourite build and the one that I spent the most time on. Whilst it does not look much it took a few iterations to get to the final version. It uses four pairs of the white 2x2 wings (Design IDs 24299 and 24307): one pair for the front spoiler, two pairs for the front and rear mudguards and one pair for a pillar screen support. I also managed to squeeze in a couple of the 1x1 plate with vertical tooth (15070) to create some retro rear light clusters. The styling is late Classic Space and takes a few design cues from sets like 6842 Small Space Shuttle Craft from 1985."

The Verderensis

"This started off as microscale build but it just organically grew as I changed bits around. Not my best work, but overall I was fairly pleased with it. And yes those are some green Q-list booster rockets underneath which are I think are pretty rare."

Well, it's easy to be critical of oneself Jason! I particularly like the way he has echoed different shapes around the build by combining the new parts with old. For example the details of the new Nexo Bot torso (24078) are heightened by the use of binoculars (30162) and the 1x2 modified plate with open handles on one side (2540). And below you can see the rear which draws nice parallels between the new double-cornered panel (23969) and the 2x2 air scoop (50943).

Lunar Dune Buggy

"This is inspired by Mad Max and seems to have a 20th Century post-apocalyptic feel to it. Although a simple usage, the Nexo shield fitted the gap at the front perfectly, where the use of an open grille looked out of place."

Small tanker

"It is hard to see from the photo, but the main chassis is made of four Nexo Bot torsos linked with grey 3.5mm long wands. It creates a trapezoidal structure which is a bit flimsy on its own, but once I added some round bricks for tanks, a bit of greeble on top and some wheels it made a nice little tanker. The axles and wheels can be titled which was not by design but sheer luck due to the way they attach to the torsos. My synopsis is that the torsos are very useful and really open up some new building techniques!"

I can only echo Jason's conclusion - as you will see as the week progresses, every builder found the Nexo Bot torsos useful and fascinating.


"This also uses the torsos but in a slightly different way to create an almost floating axle that has its point of attachment to the vehicle structure set above the wheel which creates a nice 'shock absorber' look. I chose the M-Tron colour scheme as it is not a genre that I have built before and the grey Nexo shields seemed like a good fit with the red and black colour scheme."

Microscale ship

"Microscale is not really my bag and the other guys do it more justice, but it was an attempt to use both the small wings and the new 'toilet seat' tiles (24246) to make a small ship."

Indeed Jason, those new tiles are really exciting. I was going to call them 'D-tiles' but 'toilet seats' seems much more popular! BrickLink have gone with the extremely puzzling name 'Tile 1x1 Half Circle Extended (Stadium) with Groove'...can someone enlighten me?!... and the official TLG name is 'Flat Tile 1x1 ½ circle'. They are only available in White at present (Element ID 6131655) and are only used in Mixels sets so far (41555, 41559, 41562).

Microscale church

"This was by far the quickest build and came together in just a few moments; the inspiration being the Nexo shields as gable ends for the walls."

What a charming build. Using the double-cornered panel as a portico highlights why this new part is better than using two of the old 1x1 corner panels: it looks way better in microscale!


"This tablescrap is an afterthought, as I really struggled to use the trans orange ball bars!"

Well, it was a nice way of using them Jason! Technic pins were a good choice for covering up the bars so that the piece simply looks like a ball.

The other builders seemed to struggle with this part also! But we will be back tomorrow with another builder creating Spacey fun for everyone.

Thanks Jason! Folks, you can follow Jason on Flickr here.

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  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many amazing new parts!!!!!
    So cool.
    --Chaz Fairbanks

  2. The M:Tron vehicle is my favorite, great part use.

  3. Green 4229, engine with strakes?

    Bricklink doesn't have a single green part of either 4229 or 30358 for sale.