23 June 2023

LEGO® Disney™ parts review: 43222 Disney Castle

Posted by tobymac

The Disney Castle is one of the most iconic buildings in the Disney Universe. The building got its own LEGO set back in 2016, 71040 Disney Castle, which is one of those sets I’ve always wanted to get my hands on. Now, 7 years later, I get another shot with the remake: 43222 Disney Castle.

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LEGO® Disney™ 43222 Disney Castle
£344.99/ €399.99/ US$399.99/ CN¥3299.0/ CA$519.99/ AU$599.99
4837 parts
1 July 2023

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Given they are based upon the same building, the remake (above right) of course looks very similar to the 2016 version (left) but there are many changes; the most obvious being that the color scheme has changed from having a Light Bluish Gray base with Tan towers and White details to a Sand Blue base with Light Nougat towers and Pearl Gold details. This is similar to the color change the real Walt Disney World® Resort Cinderella Castle received for the 50th anniversary of the park. 

At the back we find rooms depicting items from several Disney movies. The rooms are arranged in a similar fashion to the 2016 set, but the contents have either been moved or replaced. We also get a new lineup of figures, 8 in total.

Stay tuned for a full build review, but first we take a look at all the elements found in the box.

The colors

If I had to sum up the elements for the castle in a single image, this would be it:

The majority of parts are Sand Blue, Light Nougat and Pearl Gold. For Light Nougat we get 30 unique elements, with a total quantity of 475 parts. Scrooge McDuck’s money bin has been robbed to bring us 66 unique elements in Pearl Gold, with 1133 parts in total. And we won’t feel blue about the 18 unique elements in Sand Blue, with 505 parts in total. 

I could have included Light Bluish Grey with 92 unique elements and 623 parts in total, but this color is much more common and offers far fewer interesting elements to be discussed.

Recolors - Light Nougat

TLG is on a roll with Light Nougat, as we get another 9 recolors for this color, all giving great new possibilities for creating buildings. A small note though: I took these photos when the set first arrived at the end of May. After I finished writing this section on new elements, the embargo date for the review was suddenly moved to 3 weeks later by TLG. In the meantime, the June wave of sets came out, making some elements no longer new. Still, we’re happy to see them!

  • 12x Brick 1 x 2 x 5 with Hollow Studs and Bottom Stud Holder with Symmetric Ridges in Light Nougat (6426232 | 2454). It has appeared in 41748 Heartlake City Community Center as well.
  • It wouldn’t be a castle if it didn’t include the classic panel (in an updated mold): Panel 3 x 3 x 6 Corner Wall without Bottom Indentations in Light Nougat (6417943 | 87421), coming 12 times here.
  • Very excited to see a new recolor for the masonry brick: Brick Special 1 x 2 with Masonry Brick Profile in Light Nougat (6417945 | 98283). And we hit the ground running with 57 parts.
  • 10x Plate Special 1 x 2 with 1 Stud with Groove and Inside Stud Holder (Jumper) in Light Nougat (6329282 | 15573), also appearing in 41748.
  • I wish this mold would come with a masonry profile, regardless of color. Still, 26x Wedge 2 x 2 Facet in Light Nougat (6417944 | 87620) is very welcome.
  • 12x Brick Special 1 x 1 with Headlight and Slot in Light Nougat (6426347 | 4070) is a recolor as of writing, but also appears in 71799, released June 2023.
  • 16x Plate 1 x 4 in Light Nougat (6440965 | 3710). It has also appeared in HP 76421 and 41757 Botanical Garden.
  • 2x Slope 18° 4 x 1 in Light Nougat (6424077 | 60477)
  • 1x Panel 1 x 6 x 5 with print in Light Nougat (6458417) features both a recolor and a new print. Unfortunately, we only get one of this element.

Recolors - Pearl Gold

Scrooge will be very happy to get his hands on these 8 recolors for Pearl Gold:

  • 21x Window 1 x 2 x 2 Flat Front was a new recolor in Pearl Gold at time of photography, but then appeared in set 71799 NINJAGO City Markets in June.
  • 4x Wheel Arch, Mudguard 4 x 2 1/2 x 2 (6417942 | 50745). I love how often this mold is used outside its intended use as mudguard.
  • 45x Brick 1 x 1 x 5 with Solid Stud (6417941 | 2453b).
  • 1x Weapon Hilt Symmetric (6378168 | 66909) was new but then appeared in LEGO® Monkie Kid™ set 80048 The Mighty Azure Lion in June.
  • 4x Plate Special 1 x 8 with Door Rail (6417695 | 4510) was new, but then appeared in 71795 NINJAGO® Temple of the Dragon Energy Cores in June.
  • 157x Plate 1 x 2 (6218047 | 3023)... one of those elements I could have sworn already existed!  It has also popped up in another Disney set: 43227 Villain Icons.
  • 46x Panel 1 x 2 x 1 with Rounded Corners and 2 Sides (6417725 | 23969).
  • 1x Snowflake 4 x 4 (6438236 | 42409).

Recolors - Sand Blue

Compared to the other 2 hues, the recolors for Sand Blue seem a bit meager. But who can say no to another masonry brick!

  • 20x Panel 1 x 6 x 5 (6421518 | 59349), also appearing in HP 76422.
  • 24x Plate Special 1 x 2 with Handles [Flat Ends / Low Attachment]  (6417948 | 3839).
  • 88x Brick Special 1 x 2 with Masonry Brick Profile (6417947 | 98283).

Recolors - Other

There are also recolors to be found in other colors:

  • Door 1 x 5 x 8.5 Stockade in Medium Nougat (6430595 | 87601)
  • Equipment Magic Wand in Flat Silver (6441149 | 6124)
  • Minifig Neckwear Epaulette in Bright Light Yellow (6446193 | 2526)
  • Tile Special 2 x 3 Pentagonal in Medium Nougat (6435310 | 22385)
  • Plate 2 x 3 with 1 x 1 Cutout in Light Bluish Gray (6421522 | 73831) also appears in 2 Summer 2023 CITY sets.

New minifigure elements

I’ll take a closer look at the figures in the build review, and limit the list here to recolors and a new mold. 

In the top left of the first picture is a seemingly new shape of cloth in White (644853). I was unable to find the same shape in existing elements on Rebrickable, BrickLink or Brickset, but with so many similar shapes and no part number on the element, it is tricky to be sure. Shout in the comments if you know of it.

To the right of that is a new molded hairpiece in Bright Light Yellow (6416359).

In the next row are Neckwear Cape, Standard [Traditional Starched Fabric] in Dark Red (6440195 | 50231) which hasn’t been seen since 2015, and Neckwear Cape, Standard [Traditional Starched Fabric] as recolor in Bright Light Yellow (6440196 | 50231).

All newly printed heads feature the latest mold 2437 with 2 vent holes. This mold is identical to 28621, which has been around since Hidden Side but is unique to translucent colors.


Aside from the minifigure parts, there are 4 new prints to be found:

  • 1x Tile 1 x 2 with Bright Light Blue/Dark Azure Shoes print in Trans-Clear (6443928). This one looked familiar, but the one I had in my head shows 2 shoes and Golden Stars (6333213 | 75796), introduced in 40478 Mini Disney Castle.
  • 1x Tile 2 x 2 with Weapon/Crest on Gold Background print in Dark Tan (6443927).
  • 10x Tile 1 x 3 with Black Line print in Light Bluish Gray (6443929). In this set, the print is used to represent embrasures, but it will work as a greebling part as well.
  • 1x Tile 2 x 2 with Mickey Mouse Sketch print in Tan (6443924).

For a set this size, the 2 sticker sheets are mercifully small. 

Rare elements

The Trinity of Light Nougat, Pearl Gold and Sand Blue also brings other elements worth mentioning.

  • Brick Round 2 x 2 with Axle Hole in Light Nougat (6357786 | 6143) appeared in 1 set
  • Wheel Arch, Mudguard, 1 1/2 x 6 x 1 [Arch Extended] in Light Nougat (6369187 | 62361) appeared in 1 set
  • Brick Special 1 x 2 with 2 Studs on 1 Side in Light Nougat (6325881 | 11211) appeared in 3 sets
  • Brick 2 x 2 in Light Nougat (6297283 | 3003) appeared in 2 sets
  • Brick Curved, 3 x 1 with 1/3 Inverted Cutout in Light Nougat (6369190 | 70681) appeared in 1 set
  • Brick 1 x 3 in Light Nougat (6357794 | 3622) appeared in 2 sets
  • Brick 1 x 4 in Light Nougat (6378419 | 3010) appeared in 3 sets
  • Brick 1 x 1 in Light Nougat (6369191 | 3005) appeared in 3 sets
  • Brick Curved 1 x 2 x 1 No Studs in Light Nougat (6357793 | 37352) appeared in 1 set
  • Slope Curved 2 x 1 No Studs [1/2 Bow] in Light Nougat (6357796 | 11477) appeared in 3 sets
  • Slope 30° 1 x 1 x 2/3 (Cheese Slope) in Light Nougat (6357792 | 54200) appeared in 1 set
  • Tile 1 x 3 in Light Nougat (6357804 | 63864) appeared in 1 set
  • Plate Special 1 x 2 with Clip Horizontal on Side in Light Nougat (6343511 | 65458) appeared in 2 sets
  • Tile 1 x 8 with Groove in Light Nougat (6417946 | 4162) appeared in 1 set

  • Panel 1 x 4 x 3 [Side Supports / Hollow Studs] in Sand Blue (6371466 | 60581) has appeared once in 2021
  • Plate 1 x 1 in Sand Blue (4153288 | 3024) has appeared once all the way back in 2003, and its use here should drop the price significantly. The element will also appear in 71799 Ninjago City Markets in June 2023.
  • Dish 2 x 2 Inverted [Radar] in Warm Gold/ Pearl Gold (6400656 | 4740) appeared in 2 sets in 2022.
  • Wedge Sloped 45° 2 x 2 Corner in Warm Gold/ Pearl Gold (6388245 | 13548) appeared in 2 sets in 2022.
  • Plate Special 1 x 4 with 2 Studs with Groove [New Underside] in Warm Gold/ Pearl Gold (6331739 | 41740) appeared once in 2021.

And there are also existing elements in other colors worth mentioning. To avoid too much scrolling, I’ve limited the list to elements that appeared in a single set, or are otherwise interesting:

  • Wedge Plate 10 x 10 Cut Corner [No Centre Studs] in Dark Stone Grey / Dark Bluish Gray (6408298 | 92584)
  • Brick Round Corner 6 x 6 with 33° Slope and Facet Cutout in Dark Green/ Green (6403577 | 95188)
  • Plate Special 4 x 4 with 3 x 3 Quarter Round Cutout in Nougat (6330412 | 35044)
  • Plant, Pine Tree - Small 2 x 2 x 4 in Earth Green/ Dark Green (6403580 | 2435)
  • Wedge Sloped 45° 3 x 3 Right in Dark Green/ Green (6404638 | 48165)
  • Wedge Sloped 45° 3 x 3 Left in Dark Green/ Green (6404631 | 42862)
  • Wedge Plate 2 x 2 Cut Corner in Medium Lavender (6424858 | 26601)
  • Bar 1L with 3 Sprouts/Prongs in Bright Green (6434871 | 68211)
  • Brick 2 x 4 in Lavender (6426723 | 3001)

The 3 Blue elements are returning after not being seen for some time:

  • Cone 4 x 4 x 2 with Axle Hole [Plain] in Bright Blue/ Blue (6417949 | 3943) was used once in 2003 and once in 1983.
  • Slope 75° 2 x 2 x 3 [Solid Studs] in Bright Blue/ Blue (6438608 | 98560) appeared in 2 sets in 2017.
  • Slope 75° 2 x 2 x 3 Double Convex in Bright Blue/ Blue (6417950 | 3685) was last seen in 2016, the last time before that was 2001.


What a parts pack! Not counting the minifigs, we get 20 recolors, 5 new prints (of which one on a recolor) and the return of some long-gone elements in Blue. The overload of Light Nougat and Sand Blue provide a lot of new options for buildings, and there is more Pearl Gold than Scrooge McDuck can handle. Of course, it does come in a box priced at £344.99/ €399.99/ US$399.99/ CN¥3299.0/ CA$519.99/ AU$599.99 so it will require an investment to obtain them, or you’ll have to wait until Bricks & Pieces finally adds the new elements in 3 months or longer. Which new elements are you most excited for?

Going by the box art, the recolors of the castle seem to make the remake worthwhile for Disney fans. I can’t wait to start building and find out if the build and finished model can bring that Disney magic. Join me tomorrow for the full build review, where I’ll also take a closer look at the 8 minifigures found in the set. 

LEGO® Disney™ 43222 Disney Castle is available 1 July 2023 priced £344.99/ €399.99/ US$399.99/ CN¥3299.0/ CA$519.99/ AU$599.99. If you're buying it from LEGO.com, please consider using our affiliate links, we may get a commission: USA LEGO Shop | Australia LEGO Shop | UK LEGO Shop.

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  1. Masonry brick in light nougat also came in 41748 Community Center

    1. That information somehow ended up at the Brick 1 x 2 x 5 instead of the masonry brick.

  2. A lovely assortment of parts! Personally I really prefer the new color scheme, which feels so much richer and more vibrant than the classic tans and greys of the 2016 version.

    And of course I'm always down for new Warm Gold parts! Some of these recolors here explain their recent appearances elsewhere a little better, such as the single gold window frame that is used as mere filler in one of the roofs of Ninjago City Markets.

  3. Could one not argue that these similar but different castles are based on different versions from the parks, which all have different shapes and colour schemes?

  4. There's a lot of Light Nougat there. Initially it feels a bit dubious, but maybe I'd change my mind if I saw the castle in the flesh...