06 August 2020

LEGO® DOTS: Cole Blaq's Viruses

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One of the more unusual elements introduced in 2020 is the LEGO® DOTS bracelet, and we love a challenge here at New Elementary – almost as much as we love challenging others! So Elspeth De Montes asked Cole Blaq if he would take on the challenge of using some Dots bracelet sets in his own creations. If you don’t know of Cole, he’s been a legendary figure on the AFOL scene for well over a decade. He is a visual artist and educator based in Germany who is primarily influenced by the mediums of graffiti and LEGO. The Dots products in this article were provided for free by LEGO; the author's opinions are not biased by this.

I was sent 41900 Rainbow, 41902 Sparkly Unicorn, 41901 Funky Animals and 41912 Love Birds. The parts selection is very limited in these sets, so I concentrated on smaller builds, initially to find useful implementations highlighting the bracelets (Design ID 66821) which are most interesting. Their flexibility really opens up possibilities. An issue however is the amount of studs, and where they are positioned. This makes these irregular parts even more irregular.

My approach at first was to use single bracelets and (de-)form them into interwoven and seemingly endless strings:

They started out as objects but I could not get rid of the ‘virus’ feeling they created.

I warn you, these builds are mostly fragile – to the max!

Here is a tablescrap made of three bracelets connected into an endless loop. This never went beyond WIP status though.

You can follow Cole Blaq at cole-blaq.com or on Instagram or Flickr.

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  1. Really cool idea for coral reefs and other nature inspired builds. Thanks for this article!

  2. I love that one with the tiles. These are fragile but I think it could really open up new forms of flexible expression in lego sculptures. I would love to see a bust made entirely from lego Dots bands :)