03 May 2020

Iron Builder: Round 1 results

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The world heavyweight of LEGO® building contests, Iron Builder is underway and the results of the first round in the Iron Forge are in! There were 120 entries from over 60 builders and only the top 20 progress to Round 2, which whittles the 20 down to eight.

The seed part was minifigure legs. Here are the 20 winners in no particular order, other than that we have arranged them into the groups they will be completing within in the next round. Bring on the NPU!

Top 20 builders, Iron Forge Round 1

Ted A.

"Boom! Toasted!"
Some builders are bred for greatness, and others are just bread to be toasted. It's a Wonder some have even made it this far... "Boom! Toasted!"


A day off
"Alright guys, you can leave now. Show is over.
Oh and let me take a seat and enjoy your fighting, as it's all a joke to me."


Treasure Hunter
To use some legs is here the quest - so look who I found with his treasure chest!


Mechanical Pirate Toy
The pirates also wanna join in...

[Editor's note: There's also a video showing how Ben used official LEGO magnets in this model. The ship contains the accessory that holds the golden egg from 4767 Harry and the Hungarian Horntail and the base uses a train magnet.]


Raising the barbell with my next entry.


Name is Bond.....James Bond
Are you feeling stir crazy during this social-distancing time? Shake things up with a movie night at home. It can be a great bonding experience.


The Quest
I’ll leg you see the types of ways this seed part can be used by forcing you to look at it from my perspective


200428 leg-end-dairy
I had a leg-end-dairy idea this evening!

Henjin Quilones

A Varlyrian Vacation
Time for a vacation, everyone!


Looks like you are reading a great book there... but have you heard the LEGend of Chima?

Brick Separator Army

Dressing Room
Dressing Room


Game Night
Looks like I just cut someone off to secure myself a prized spot...


This contest won’t dragon much longer, so here’s something I put together last knight.


Brass Britches Brad
I don't mean to toot my own horn, but once you've seen my entry, you'll be begging me to play you out.

Brickbuilt Replicas

Not the Bees!
You best bee-lieve I'm winning this, stay out of the competition so you don't get stung:


"Should we really enter, R3-B1?"
"You might have had feelings of A New Hope,
might have thought your builds were dope,
but - sorry - I've got to Strike Back,
enter me - with the Return of the Leg!"

Simon Hundsbichler

Hanging Gardens of Semiramis
I seriously don't know what you guys are all quarreling about? Meanwhile I'm hanging out in my Gardens.

#1 Nomad

Cozy Cyberpunk
Cozy Cyberpunk

Tino P

C-wing fleet barrier link
Oh don`t mind me, just doing a fly-by while the rest of you still have your legs safely on the ground


Cleaning Up the Competition
The Iron forge can be a draining experience, but I'm here to clean up the competition and rinse out the riff raff. So you all had better brush up on your buildings skills!

So what's next? Round 2 seed parts are the hammer and wrench!

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  1. Wow, congratulations you guys! All of those builds look fantastic, and I can't wait to see what you all build next! Good luck and happy building! -Studio Brickton

  2. I don't know how one can choose between any of these builds. Amazing work!

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