11 December 2019

2019 Parts Fest #2: Tim Goddard's Star Trek & Star Wars

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Back to the Parts Festival today – yes, we have lots more LEGO® inspiration for you yet, even some new faces! – but it is Tim Goddard's turn again today, following his recent collection of bots and a hover racer, and other tablescraps

USS Enterprise

We start with the spacey franchise Star Trek. Possibly my hardest model ever to photograph.

I knew I had to make a micro USS Enterprise as soon as I got my hands on the 4x4 round with 2 studs. 

The "Parts Fest Count" (PFC) is 2 pieces.
 It was tricky not to make the whole thing look too bulky but I am happy with the result.


Coming to the Star Wars universe and returning to the Batman accessory bags, I wanted to capture to tall lanky nature of the bounty hunting droid.

PFC, 5
But what is that boring base he is standing on?

PFC, 6
The base uses the window/airlock piece, Brick 1X6X4 1/3, W/ 4.85 Hole, No. 1 in Dark Stone Grey/ Dark Bluish Gray (6263879 |9699). It is surprisingly useful as a SNOT piece, and with some Technic half-pins a 6x6 tile attaches just perfectly.

Millennium Batman Bits

Whilst we are in the Star Wars universe I will share this picture from my recent 1:72 scale Millennium Falcon model. This was built before the Parts Festival but uses one of the round parts from the lesser of the two Batman family bags - Mini Accessory, No. 10 in Silver Metallic/ Flat Silver (6266155|40598).

PFC, 1
Here's the full beast!

Upcoming Preview

You want more? Well, there is more to give! I am working with New E newcomer Mansur Soeleman on what will hopefully be an epic Parts Fest collaboration.

PFC: AT-TE, 19. 3x AT-RT, 3. Base, 26
Here is a teaser: Mansur came up with the idea for a Clone Wars scene on a coral planet at trophy fig scale and the design for the AT-TE legs, and I came up with this. Hopefully it is going to get quite a bit bigger.

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  1. Please let LEGO get the license to Star Trek!

  2. To boldly go where no minifig has gone before.

  3. So is the mixing of old and new grays in the Millennium Falcon a deliberate attempt to create a weathered, worn look or a necessity due to part distribution?

    1. It is deliberate to give it that piece of junk look ;)