06 September 2019

2019 Parts Fest #1: Samuel Pister's clown and soldier

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Time for the second half of Samuel Pister's creations for our Parts Festival today, where LEGO® builders from around the world try out new pieces. If you missed his first bunch, they're here.

For this clown creation, I integrated many of the parts from the selection:
  • Vibrant Coral Gear Wheel 6x6, Z14 (6258385| 35446)
  • Medium Lilac/ Dark Purple Gear Wheel 2X2, Z6 (6238330 | 35442)
  • Bright Purple/ Dark Pink Plate 3X3, Heart, No. 1 (6254513|39613)
  • Bright Yellow/ Yellow Design Plate, 4X4X2/3, No. 1 (6248804|39611)
  • Bright Orange/ Orange Tile 1X1, Heart, No. 1 (6258993|39739)

The inspiration comes from this little TOMY toy. Each part of the toy is designed with a different shape and a different colour. Perfect for integrating the yellow star and the purple gear as eyes and the heart as a nose. The gears make fitting hair, and I made Vibrant Coral dominant by adding lips in the same colour. Finally, I added some orange hearts to embellish the cloth.

This steampunk soldier was done to illustrate the possibility for character builders to use the Crown, No. 1 in Warm Gold/ Pearl Gold (6257048|39262). I’ve used it as jacket sleeves, boots and a collar. It is always nice to have parts with holes so we can put a bar inside; this is a great connection possibility to use the part upside down.

Gear Wheel 4X4, Z10 (6252371| 35443) and the other gears will be interesting for making dresses and other clothes at different scales.

A tablescrap, this time with Medium Stone Grey Mini Hat, No. 46 (6254404|33492), using the part as a tap. Inside, I put a Wave Rounded Energy (Power Blast) with Bar Handle (27393).

To make a pattern with Tile 1X1 Heart No. 1 in Bright Orange/ Orange (6258993|39739) I placed their 90° corners together, this gives a flower which I integrated inside a painting. I assembled the four hearts on a round 2x2 plate; note that this is unstable and is not holding the parts correctly.

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