06 June 2019

The 1x8x3 25° Slope

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We were surprised by a large new piece that appeared in a LEGO® set recently, so we sent a copy to Ben Davies (ProfessorBrickkeeper) to check it out.

Although the LEGO® 4+ sets (previously Juniors) may not appeal to all builders, the simplified sets have led to the introduction of several new elements over the past few years. The most recent of these is the 1x8x3 Slope (Design ID 49618), also known as Roof Tile 1X8X3/25º [TLG] and Slope 25 8 x 1 x 3 [BL], which comes in the new LEGO Toy Story 4 theme.

Currently, the slope is only available in 10767 Duke Caboom’s Stunt Show, which features the element in both Bright Red [TLG]/ Red [BL] (Element ID 6262464) and White (626464), and contains two of each color.

Comparisons to the 25° Family and Uses

Although the slope is at a 25° angle, the presence of a single lip at the base of the brick means that it results in a slope one stud longer than stacked 1x3 Slopes (Design ID 4286) of an equivalent height.

The uninterrupted slope comes as a double-edged sword. While it means that it is hard to fit the new slope nicely with larger existing bricks in the 25° family, it allows for plates to be smoothly laid along the diagonal, which is just shy of eight studs long.

This is most visible when two of the 1x3x8 Slopes are turned 180º and positioned one brick apart, creating a parallelogram two plates high. Since the slopes are not quite eight studs long, the 1x2 plate with handle and 1x4 hinge plate are ideal for filling out the shape, and could serve as the basis for a diagonal wall.

Cheese slopes (Design ID 54200) can also be inlaid, though they do not come out quite as elegantly, with small gaps between the bricks.

Having had the opportunity to examine and experiment with the new 1x8x3 Slope, I’m happy to say that it helps to fill the gap the LEGO slope system has when it comes to larger bricks. The 1x8x3 Slope is a brick I wouldn’t be surprised to see appear in future sets aimed towards builders of all ages, and I eagerly await it becoming available in a wider variety of colors.

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