28 February 2018

"Kill Teal" models (Vol. 2)

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Here is the second batch of LEGO® models built by New Elementary readers (see the first here) where we asked you to imagine how LEGO designer and AFOL Mark Stafford might kill off this colour now it is back in the LEGO palette once more. We reveal the winners next week - which would you like to win from this bunch?

Not this time Mr. Stafford, not this time...

By Andreas Lenander

Decided to go in a little different direction with this entry. Instead of Mr. Stafford having another go at killing teal as he pleases, I figured there had to be some resistance this time around. So as Mr. Stafford goes about killing teal all over again, figuring no one will be the wiser, a few brave souls decide they have something to say about that.

*disclaimer: this in no way endorses the use of violence, alien or other, to prevent Mr. Stafford from killing teal again ;)

Peach - ended, Chartreuse - ended, Teal - 67% and ending

By Katrin Umlauft

Truth has no color! Truth needs no color! Brethen, let us end all doubtfulness, uncertainty of meaning or intention! Let the end of color be the clear path to purpose and truth eternal!

Crushing Teal

By Antoine Potten

Searching for something involving a car, simply dropping a pile of teal part and having a big offroad vehicle running over it seemed a good choice. The color choice for the vehicle seemed obvious...

Prism Break

By William Snell

The dastardly mad scientist, Mark Stafford, removes teal from the visible spectrum forever!

Purple is the new Teal

By Pietro Bertoncelli

It is known that choosing Teal would have had Purple discontinued, and vice versa

An Unenviable Task

By Gabe (aka Bfahome)

His heart knew no anger as he faced down the wretched beast, its blind eyes shining dimly in the light. He felt only pity, that this creature had to meet such an end. Gathered at its feet were the spoils of its mad crusade, the treasure of his people. Without it they were lost. But the beast would not willingly part with its hoard. He gripped his sword tightly and steeled himself.

He knew what must be done.

Don't kill teal! Recycle it... and make it purple!

By Jonas Kovacs

After Mark Stafford Killed Teal, TLG decided not to throw away all those pricey bricks, but the workers in the LEGO factory started to recycle them instead.

Well, no that isn't true, but I need to write a description for my MOC, so I came up with this story. So in this picture,the minifig is pouring teal bricks into a mystic recycler machine, then the recycled material goes into the moulding machine, where the new purple bricks are being made, because Mark picked purple when he needed to choose.

Crush it with a tank!

By Matthew Cleaver

Kill teal by running over it with a tank!

Sell it to junk scavengers!

By Matthew Cleaver

Kill teal by selling it all to Jawas who will take it out into the desert!

Kill teal by feeding it to an Abelisk!

By Matthew Cleaver

How better to kill teal than by feeding it all to a trans-dimensional monster!

Funny LEGO models that answer the question: how could teal-coloured LEGO be killed off?

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    Even the name is hilarious!
    Very nice idea!

  2. Prism Break is a fantastic idea! Love it!

  3. Prism Break and THE TASK are my favorites! Very unique ideas!

  4. *sigh* The irritating thing about Crushing Teal is that it only serves to pour salt in the wound that is the total lack of a left-handed match for that 1x3x2 car door.

  5. I guess Peach is equal to "Paradisa Pink", but which color does Chartreuse refer to, and is it different from standard Lime?

    1. I guess it could be the color BrickLink refers to as "Medium Lime", although many of those 90's colors had a pretty random assortment of parts, with few of them being general enough to work in alternative builds.