23 May 2023

LEGO® parts review: 71799 NINJAGO® City Markets

Posted by Elspeth De Montes

The city is expanding once more with the upcoming release of LEGO® 71799 NINJAGO City Markets, and we are here to tell you all about the new moulds, recolours and new printed elements contained within this set.   

71799 NINJAGO City Markets is the largest LEGO Ninjago set yet with 6,163 pieces used to construct a 4-floor structure and 21 minifigures, plus a host of play features to explore. 

But first, let's take things back to an elemental level with its new parts. This set took a long time for me to inventory and there's a pile of new elements to cover in this initial post.  To keep this manageable, minifigures will be covered in a second post. Probably best you pop the kettle on before we head to the markets...

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71799 NINJAGO City Markets
6,163 pieces, rated 14+
£319.99 / $369.99 / €369.99 / AU$549.99 / CA$479.99
Available at LEGO.com from 1 June 2023

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New moulds

Let's start in our favourite place. There are two new moulds in this set. 

  • Truss/Girder 7 x 16 in Reddish Brown (6441039 | 79768)
  • Fence 1 x 2 x 1 2/3 with 45 Degree Diagonal Bar in Black (6443650 | 3224)
  • Fence 1 x 1 x 1 2/3 with 45 Degree Diagonal Bar in Reddish Brown (6430288 | 3224)

The 'Rolli Fence', part 3224

This element is special in two ways: it's an element that enhances the joy of the 45 degree angle build, and it's also the first element to be designed by Markus Rollbühler; designer at The LEGO Group and active member of the AFOL community.

Is this a Window, Fence or Modified Brick? I'm going with the Rolli Fence in Markus' honour!  At 1 x 2 x 1 2/3,  it is 5 plates (two modules) high as well as wide, has an aperture with a 3.18mm bar crossing at a 45 degree angle. The two stop studs are recessed studs.

The bar portion is 3.18mm and wide enough to fit three Plate 1x1 with Clip (4085), which click in place with precision.

The 45 degree angle bar gives options for clip attachments and building at angles from a stable foundation. The 1x1 Tile with Clip (2555 or 15712) is a particularly satisfying attachment, as its square base sits at a 45 degree rotation relative to the square shape of the Rolli Fence element.

You can continue the diagonal 3.18mm bar by adding more of the elements in diagonally adjacent spots.

What shouldn't work is adding a second row to create a parallel diagonal bar as it is slightly out of system. However it’s so close to being in system that it does work when building with real bricks but not when building digitally.   Pythagorean Theorem says the length would need to be just over 7 plates but when using real bricks there is a degree of tolerance that allows the connection.

LEGO® Technic Truss 7x16, part 79768

The new Technic Truss is certainly a shapely element, with a width of 7 modules along the base narrowing to 3 at the top.  It's 16 modules in length and the diagonal bars though the centre are 3.18mm  along their length. More diagonal building for you!

New elements also within other Dragons Rising sets

Yesterday, TobyMac posted a summary of all the new elements in the Ninjago Dragons Rising sets that will also be available on 1 June. Since I am reviewing 71799 Ninjago City Markets separately, there are a few new moulds and recolours that overlap across the sets.

  • Shoulder Guard with Wrap in Green (6437162 | 2188), also found in 71790, 71793, 71794, 71797
  • Ninjago Headgear in Green (6437164 | 2187), found in 71790, 71793, 71794, 71797
  • Ninjago Headgear in Dark Azure (6437163 | 2187), found in 71798
  • Pan with Stud Holder on Side in Black (6437984 | 3221), found in 71791, 71794
  • Shoulder Guard with Wrap in Dark Azure (6437161 | 2188), also found in 71795, 71798
  • Tile Special 2 x 4 Inverted in White (6440438 | 3395), also found in 71792
  • Bracket 1 x 1 - 1 x 2 in Dark Bluish Gray (6435043 | 79389) also found in 71793

Updated moulds

These elements have all been given new Design ID, but the mould itself has not changed significantly. Usually the updated mould addresses a design weakness or improves function in a more subtle way.

  • Bar 1L with Clip in Black (6439039 | 3484)
  • Bar 1L with Clip in Dark Bluish Gray (6439040 | 3484)
They are compared here with the previous mould, Design ID 48729, in Pearl Gold. It is worth noting that aside from the simplification of the shape of the 3.18mm hole, the smaller hole in the bar section is even smaller than the one in the previous mould. 1.5mm bars can be pushed into the hole in old Design ID 48729 but the change prevents this connection in the new mould. 

This Pearl Gold Bar 1L with Clip is a recolour.  The new mould with Design ID 3484 has been spotted in inventories on LEGO.com, but this is the first time we have seen the new mould in a set. Presumably the elements with the previous mould are being used up in production before the new mould is introduced. This must mean that the Pearl Gold recolour came before the mould was updated?

There has been a change to the underside of the 4x4 Macaroni Tile although the overall aesthetic remains the same.

  • Tile 4 x 4 Curved, Macaroni in White (6457244 | 3477)  Black (6458165), Dark Turquoise (6458170), Lime (6458173), Reddish Brown (6458167) and Dark Bluish Gray (6458171) are all provided in the new mould, Design ID 3477.  
You can compare the two Dark Turquoise elements to see the change in the underside, left is the new mould (3477) and right is the older mould (27507). Just to add to the numerical confusion, it seems that the two existing Transparent variations (Trans-Orange, and Trans-Brown which is the new name for old Trans-Black) already utilise the same underside pattern as Design ID 3477 but with a different mould Design ID 1939.


I counted 41 recolours when doing the inventory of the set, an amazing number, albeit in a set with over 6000 parts. 

I've broken the recolours down, as 41 in a single image is overwhelming for us element-obsessed folks.

  • Plate 10 x 10 with Rounded End in Reddish Brown (6443639 | 80031)
  • Plate Special 2 x 2 with Groove and Center Stud (Jumper) in Trans-Light Blue (6443647 | 87580)
  • Bracket 1 x 1 - 1 x 2 in Red (6435047 | 79389)
  • Plate Special 1 x 2 with Pin Hole On Side in Light Bluish Gray (6438836 | 3172)
  • Plate Round Corner 6 x 6 in Reddish Brown (6368433 | 6003)
  • Plant, Plate 1 x 1 Round with 3 Leaves in Bright Pink (6443651 | 32607)
  • Bracket 1 x 2 - 1 x 2 in Reddish Brown (6443654 | 99781)
  • Plate Round Corner 2 x 2 with 1 x 1 Cutout in Bright Light Orange (6444576 | 79491)
  • Plate Round Corner 6 x 6 in Dark Turquoise (6442190 | 6003)
  • Design Element 4 X 5 X 1 2/3 Smooth with 2 x 2 Round Brick Attachment in Red (6406958 | 85834)
  • Support 2 x 2 x 13 with 5 Pin Holes in Reddish Brown (6432251 | 91176)
  • Technic Panel Fairing 2 x 1 x 1 in White (6434569 | 89679)
  • Panel 3 x 4 x 6 Curved Top in Trans-Purple (6446120 | 2571)
  • Door Frame 1 x 4 x 6 Type 2 in Dark Turquoise (6438775 | 60596)
  • Glass for Window 1 x 4 x 6 in Trans-Purple (6388563 | 57895)
  • Technic Driving Ring Extension 8 Tooth in Red (6433875 | 35186) – note this element has only ever appeared in three other colours (Yellow, Light Bluish Grey and Black) so it is nice to see another recolour 
  • Garage Roller Door Section without Handle in Trans-Bright Green (6443653 | 4218)
  • Plate Special 1 x 6 with Train Wagon End Fence in Dark Blue (6439749 | 6583)
  • Door 1 x 5 x 3 with 3 Studs and Handle in Black (6432263 | 93096)
  • Window Round 3 x 3 x 2 in Dark Blue (6446122 | 73878)
  • Window 1 x 2 x 2 Flat Front in Pearl Gold (6417940 | 60592)
  • Bar 1L with Clip in Pearl Gold (6450596 | 48729)
  • Equipment Medical Wheelchair with Clips for Wheels in Dark Bluish Gray (6432265 | 24312) previously this element has appeared in Light Bluish Grey and Red only.
  • Creature Head Pixelated (Minecraft) in Black (6251338 | 19727)
  • Hat Wide Brim, Outback Style with Wide Belt, Buckle (Fedora) in Light Bluish Gray (6445927 | 61506)
  • Minifig Head Special, Cube in Dark Azure (6431378 | 19729). Note - this element has appeared with print in 21244 The Sword Outpost but this is the first time unprinted.
  • Minifig Shield Rectangular Curved with Stud in Black (6432249 | 98367) – this element has appeared with print in one previous set, a rather rare one though -  5004939 Bricktober Minifigure Collection 2/4 - The LEGO Batman Movie (2017 Toys "R" Us Exclusive)
  • Weapon Sword / Katana / Shamshir with Capped Pommel in Trans-Orange (6317016 | 21459)
  • Vehicle Track, Roller Coaster Straight 4L in Reddish Brown (6443644 | 80562)
  • Vehicle Track, Roller Coaster, Curve in Lime (6268052 | 25061)
  • Wheel Arch, Mudguard 4 x 10 in Lime (6443641 | 80567)
  • Brick Special 1 x 2 with Groove in Dark Tan (6434305 | 4216)
  • Brick Special 1 x 2 x 1 2/3 with Four Studs on 2 Sides in Dark Bluish Gray (6430926 | 80796) – this element has only appeared in Trans-Orange in one set until now; so is a welcome recolour
  • Slope 33° 2 x 2 Double / Inverted in Light Bluish Gray (6393207 | 1762)
  • Brick Curved 2 x 4 x 1 1/3 with Curved Top in Bright Light Orange (6393827 | 6081)
  • Technic Brick 1 x 10 in Dark Bluish Gray (6435266 | 2730)
  • Brick Special 1 x 1 with Headlight and Slot in Light Nougat (6426347 | 4070)
  • Brick Special Arch 1 x 2 Jumper in Green (6443640 | 38583)
  • Slope Curved 10 x 2 x 2 with Curved End Left in Lime (6443642 | 77180)
  • Slope Curved 10 x 2 x 2 with Curved End Right in Lime (6443643 | 77182)
  • Slope Inverted 45° 2 x 2 Double Convex in Green (6438779 | 3676)

Back from the past

There are three elements that I wanted to highlight that have been seen in the past, but not for a while.

  • Brick 1 x 1 x 3 in Dark Brown (6443652 | 14716) – New EID but same element, last seen in 2016.
  • Plate 1 x 1 in Sand Blue (6257079 | 3024) – New EID but same element, last seen in 2003.
  • Minifigure, Shield Circular Convex Face in Red (6441038 | 75902) – also back with a new EID after only occurring once in 891838 Buffer foil pack from 2018.

New printed elements

There are four new printed elements in the set and one of each is used in the build, but there are two of each minifig statuette, as a spare is always supplied.

  • Brick 1 x 1 with Print in Dark Blue (6434503)
  • Brick 1 x 1 'ENJOY' with Noodles Print in White (6434502)
  • Minifig Trophy Statuette with Ninja Outfit print in Dark Blue (6434489)
  • Minifig Trophy Statuette with Ninja Outfit print in Black (6434516)

Sticker sheet

The previous large Ninjago City sets have some of the best sticker designs I have ever seen, and Ninjago City Markets is no exception.  There are three sticker sheets and a host of awesome references are contained within the graphics; definitely worth us taking a closer look.

While I'm not going to go through the entire sticker selection here, there are a few lovely little fun references that I wanted to highlight:
  • 14. Steeper Wisdom - the name of Wu's tea shop.
  • 15. Mindstorms RCX 2.0.
  • 20. Logo from the LEGO® Atlantis theme, retired in 2011.
  • 21.The logo of a LEGO racing video game released in 2002, Drome Racers.
  • 24. The star from the LEGO® Friends Popstar line.
  • 30. 'New Album / Out Now' features Jacob Pevsner,  the Elemental Master of Sound and a competitor in Master Chen's Tournament of Elements.
  • 31. Fritz Donnegan from the Starfarer franchise.
  • 38. Hounddog McBrag - the marshal of the Ninjago City Police and apparently the toughest sheriff in all of Ninjago.
  • 45. Missing Goat poster - see below.
  • 52. A nod to LEGO® Monster Fighters 10228 Haunted House, starring Ann Lee and Doctor Rodney Rathbone.
  • 53.  4002021 Temple of Celebrations, the 2021 Employee gift set, also designed by Markus Rollbühler.
  • 54. A reference to 6253 Shipwreck Hideout 'The Tale of Brickbeard' from 2009.
  • 67. Classic Space console.

Missing goat

My personal favourite sticker! 

The Ninjargon says 'MISSING', and there's no mistaking everyone's favourite elusive LEGO animal mould in the profile image. 

I went to the trouble of sticking this onto the correct tile although it is clearly used differently in the actual set!  N.B. goat is not included in the set!

Rare elements

Due to the huge numbers of elements that have appeared in less than three sets, we will stick to telling you about only the elements that have appeared once before.  The designers have certainly utilised a lot rarer elements in this set in general, so it's been an epic task finding all these elements across the 51 bags. Kudos to the set designers as we always appreciate rarer colours being used to give greater availability of those elements.

  • Equipment Cleaver, 2 Holes in Black (6395769 | 79811) – also found in 75353 Endor Speeder Chase Diorama released in May 2023
  • Plate Round Corner 2 x 2 with 1 x 1 Cutout in Black (6430580 | 79491) – only found in one other set, 60371 Emergency Vehicles HQ from January 2023 (not pictured as I could not find this element in the 51 bags. Black is notoriously hard to find without emptying each bag!)
  • Plate Special 1 x 4 Rounded with 2 Open Studs in Black (6428167 | 77845) only found in one other set, 76918 McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LM from March 23
  • Bar 1L with 3 Sprouts/Prongs in Bright Green (6434871 | 68211) only found in one other set, 43225 The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell
  • Plate Special 1 x 2 with Handles [Flat Ends / Low Attachment] in Brick Yellow/ Tan (6441822 | 3839) also found in 43217 'Up' House​
  • Plant, Flower, Plate Round 1 x 1 with 5 Petals in Cool Yellow/ Bright Light Yellow (6426463 | 24866) – only other set is 10314 Dried Flower Centerpiece
  • Animal, Frog in Bright Yellowish Green/ Lime (6435720 | 28841) – only appears in one other set, 71038 Tiana
  • Wedge Plate 2 x 2 Cut Corner in Bright Yellowish Green/ Lime (6228995 | 26601) – has only appeared once, in 60337 Passenger Express Train
  • Technic Beam 1 x 9 Thick in Earth Blue/ Dark Blue (6434420 | 64289) – has only been seen once before, in 42154 2022 Ford GT
  • Brick Arch 1 x 6 x 3 1/3 Curved Top in Bright Bluish Green/ Dark Turquoise (6390729 | 30935) – seen once before, in 41728 Heartlake Downtown Diner
  • Hair Small Tuft in Bright Bluish Green/ Dark Turquoise (6434882 | 68212) – seen once before, in 43225 The Little Mermaid Royal Clamshell
  • Brick 2 x 4 in Lavender (6426723 | 3001) – seen in one other set, 11028 Creative Pastel Fun released in March 2023
  • Hinge Cylinder 1 x 2 Locking with 1 Finger and Axle Hole On Ends [No Side Slots] in Dark Red (6431687 | 53923) – only found in 10314 Dried Flower Centerpiece
  •  Door Frame 4 x 4 x 6 Corner in Aqua/ Light Aqua (6355734 | 28327) – only found in 43197 The Ice Castle released in 2021
  • Hinge Plate 1 x 2 Locking with 2 Fingers on Side, 9 Teeth in Aqua/ Light Aqua (6431335 | 50340) – only found in 31140 Magical Unicorn from March 2023
  • Plate Round Corner 5 x 5 with 4 x 4 Round Cutout in Aqua/ Light Aqua (6370300 | 80015) – also found in 41695 Pet Clinic released in 2022
  • Plate Special 1 x 3 with 2 Studs with Groove and Inside Stud Holder (Jumper) in Olive Green (6405036 | 34103) – only found in 10306 Atari 2600 from 2022
  • Bracket 1 x 1 - 1 x 1 Inverted in Sand Green (6390504 | 36840) – only in 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90
  • Bracket 1 x 1 - 1 x 2 Inverted in Sand Green (6423396 | 73825) – only in 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90
  • Large Figure Wing, Small in Sand Blue (6424466 | 61800) – only in 75576 Skimwing Adventure
  • Animal Body Part / Plant, Tail / Trunk in Bright Red/ Red (6410124 | 80497) – only in 76230 Venom released in 2022
  • Technic Panel Car Mudguard 13 x 2 x 5 in Bright Red/ Red (6321714 | 71689) – only in 42125-1 Ferrari 488 GTE "AF Corse #51" released 2021
  • Brick Special 1 x 1 with Studs on 2 Adjacent Sides in Reddish Brown (6432734 | 26604) – also in 40623 Battle of Endor Heroes released May 2023
  • Fence 1 x 4 x 2 in Dark Stone Grey / Dark Bluish Gray (6388129 | 3185) – also appeared in 10307 Eiffel Tower
  • Food Hot Dog in Dark Bluish Gray (6388126 | 25994) – also appeared in 10307 Eiffel Tower
  • Hinge Plate 1 x 8 with Angled Side Extensions, 7 Teeth in Dark Stone Grey / Dark Bluish Gray (6410334 | 50334) – also in  76214 Black Panther: War on the Water released in 2022
  • Pin with Friction, Bar 2L and Towball in Dark Bluish Gray (6365695 | 80477) – also in 71759 Ninja Dragon Temple
  • Technic Panel Fairing #10 Medium Triangle Smooth in Dark Stone Grey / Dark Bluish Gray (6426608 | 2403) – also in  42156 Peugeot 9X8 Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar released May 2023
  • Technic Panel Fairing #9 Medium Triangle Smooth in Dark Stone Grey / Dark Bluish Gray (6426607 | 2395) – also in  42156 Peugeot 9X8 Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar released May 2023


So having ploughed through the 10 pages of inventory and searched though 51 bags of parts, I can safely say that this set has an amazing selection of elements. Bearing in mind that I've not even touched on the new minifigures with all their associated new prints,  so far 71799 Ninjago City Markets has given us:
  • 5 new moulds if we count the three that we covered in other sets in the Dragons Rising wave yesterday
  • 41 elements that have appeared in a new colour for the first time
  • 2 updated moulds
  • 3 elements have risen from the dead
  • Some fun stickers including my new favourite, the Missing Goat
  • 4 new printed elements, and 
  • 30 rare elements that have only appeared in one previous set.
Next step is to build the set. In Part 2 I will look at the 21 minifigures and the set itself, once all the elements have been placed back into the correct bags!

READ MORE: Every new element in the LEGO® NINJAGO® June 2023 wave: Dragons Rising

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  1. Awesome parts review! Can't wait for this set but what's up with those small instruction manuals :S

  2. When the "Porsche Curves" first showed up I kinda wondered how much they'd get used in other sets, but they seem to be popping up everywhere!
    (Slope Curved 10x2x2, first seen as the rear fender tops of the creator expert Porsche 911 set 10295).

    It'd be interesting to know from the designer if all of these uses were envisioned from the start, or if this is one of those elements that has gained favor as time goes on.

    1. I'm really pleased those parts are doing the rounds, I agree, they did seem a tad specialised upon initial release but have proved their worth since. There's a few nuggets of information in this element designer interview we did on the parts: https://www.newelementary.com/2021/10/lego-element-development-77180-porsche-bows-77182.html

      While not stated outright, I'm sure future use was anticipated by the designers. Few parts like the bows are ever a one-and-done affair after all :)

  3. Great review, Elspeth! I'm pleased to see that New Elementary entrusted you with this one — I can tell reviewing a set this big is no small task!

    The Rolli fence is a nifty new part I expect we'll see used in many creative ways going forward, in sets and MOCs alike. Besides this set, it will also soon be appearing in White in the City set 60380 Downtown. I appreciate you showing off some creative ways its center bar connection can be used! But even just for cosmetic detail, it's great to have such a compact and versatile truss piece, since in the past building trusses often required either elaborate brick-built approaches or large decorative elements like support columns or roller coaster track segments.

    The 7x16 truss is less exciting to me personally, since I rarely build Technic stuff at that sort of scale, but I am eager to see how it ends up being used in actual Technic sets! The most obvious application for a part like this is construction equipment such as cranes and excavators, but I imagine it could also prove very useful for fairground models.

    I noticed you didn't really have much to say about the print on the Dark Blue/Earth Blue 1x1 brick, so I feel I ought to point out that the Ninjargon writing on it says "TEA". It is printed both right-side-up and upside-down within the center circle.

    The stickers provide lots of delightful easter eggs, as in previous Ninjago City sets! Some that amused me besides those you mentioned:
    • 11: A "See Shintaro" billboard promoting tourism in the mountaintop kingdom which served as the setting for 2020's "Master of the Mountain" story arc.
    • 28: "Steeper Wisdom 2", the name of Wu's second, cafe-style tea shop from the "Wu's Teas" workplace sitcom shorts: https://youtu.be/8PZ8UdoDC5c
    • 68: A "Syn World Tour" poster, featuring a death metal band made up of the Bone King's army from the recent Ninjago Core sets.

    Excited to see your full review once it's completed! For all the fun graphical details in the Ninjago City range, the brick-built details are often every bit as impressive, and this one seems like it'll be no exception!

  4. That round plate looks like azure, mistake?

    1. Hi, it was getting quite late into the night when I took the photos so they are a little bit over exposed to keep the Blacks and Browns detailed. I can assure you that the Plates and Macaroni Tiles are definitely 107 Bright Bluish Green (LEGO)/Dark Turquoise (BL) - apologies for the slight over exposure there :-)

  5. Regarding the Truss/Girder 7 x 16 in Reddish Brown (6441039 | 79768):

    It looks like those diagonal bars aren't at 45°? They also look like a bit more than 30°. Are they the hypotenuses of 3-4-5 right triangles? (That would be, um...~36.87°.)

  6. «21. Logo from the LEGO® Atlantis theme, retired in 2011.»

    I think a typo? I think that's sticker #20 you're referring to? Or am I misremembering (or misreading the sticker sheets)? I don't know Drome Racers, but I'm thinking that the "DR" in sticker #21 might be it, so maybe those two just got swapped?

    1. Thanks Nat, yes 20 and 21 were swapped over so I've corrected that error. Well spotted!

  7. Yay! 3024 is back in Sand Blue! I know it's silly to be that excited about a 1x1 plate amongst all the other lovely new parts but it is gratifying to see the part reintroduced given the crazy prices this tiny bit of plastic fetches!

    1. Paid 8 bucks for it recently...

    2. Really pleased to see that colour return too. Among other things, its perfect for little spots of weathering on spaceships! :D

  8. Just got my hands on the new Exo-force claws (3484). Seems like they have much better grip than the older moulds I've received in sets recently. So although lacking the extra pin-hole they've already won me over.

    I'm sure the new mould helps but it also looks like they might be made from a sturdier version of plastic too. The surface has a subtle marbly look to it I don't recall seeing before.