04 April 2023

Our contest winners: Construction Constructions

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

It's time to announce the winners of our Construction Constructions contest, where we asked our readers to use construction-themed LEGO® elements to build something non-construction industry related.

You can check out all entries in our gallery, or carry on just to see the winners here!

We received 17 wonderful entries brimming with creative uses for construction-related elements like shovels, tipper ends and rollcages. You folks had a really constructive time!

Our panel of judges: New E contributors Eero Okkonen and Thomas Jenkins were joined by special guest Bas van Houwelingen from LMmodels, who kindly supplied all of the prizes. The judges looked for entries that used construction elements in an imaginative and creative way.


We'll start by announcing the 5 winners of the runner-up prize: a poster of the "Lucky Luke and Daltons" LEGO® Ideas submission designed by LMmodels.

Tiny Backyard by wallyjarek

"A fantastic build with a lot to like. The MOC features some very creative uses for our construction elements. I enjoyed the attention to detail in this entry: touches like the lianas hanging form the tree really sell the scene."

"Very cool. The rollcage chair legs are my favourite. I had to look very carefully to notice them. The wall-mounted boxes and patio also work very well."

"This tranquil garden scene is worlds away from a bustling building site, yet there's plenty of construction elements hidden in plain sight. The digger buckets are well integrated into the wall and make perfect planters for flowers."

Black Death by This One Brick

"I like this a lot. The parts are well integrated into the build. The brick-built raven is excellent!"

"We were charmed by this little entry - despite its name. It seems we are all suckers for little brick-built creatures. The Blue tipper bucket (818) makes a perfect roof for the mausoleum."

"A tiny but clever build. This makes me happy. Perhaps I'd like to see more thought put into the background, to create more of an atmosphere, especially since the builder wrote such a nice description for the build."

Ninjago Market by ABrickDreamer

"Plenty of NPU brings this Ninjago market to life. Digger scoops are the perfect element to represent the shop awnings but it was the two uses of the wheelbarrow that sold us on this marketplace MOC."

"Distinctly Ninjago! Many elements have been creatively incorporated into the MOC."

"A neat entry. The seed parts appear in may guises. I especially like the wheelbarrows as both a phonebox and rickshaw a lot. This is a well-built and well-presented MOC."

Construction Cart by four faces

"Cute and simple: the parts use is natural and flows well. This was a bit of a dark horse among our entries!"

"A creation to make you happy. I think my kids would love to play with this!"

"This tiny racing car shows us that size doesn't matter: the scoop and boom make an auspiciously good spoiler-and-rollcage combo."

The Lonely Mountain Castle by Thomas Herbert

"A nice tribute to Erebor, Lord of the Rings. The construction elements have been processed in an original and good way. The building could have had a little more color."

"The bridge is great with its unique shape even if the dark render makes the entry a little difficult to read."

"This MOC is a clever representation of Erebor as depicted in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit movies. The required elements are wonderfully incorporated into the model: snow ploughs in the causeway and a well disguised forklift in the gate."  

First prize winner 

Our grand winner receives an LMmodels Prize Package comprising three sets: Swietelsky Multi Tasker 1600, Langeveld Crane Model and Euromast Micro Model. Check out LMmodels' website for more of their lovely creations!

The Rhinoceros by Les Briques de Loïc

"It often tricky to create convincing animals with LEGO bricks, let alone elements which are usually reserved for building machinery, so we were very impressed with this brick-built rhino. NPU abounds in this savannah diorama. We spot hats, brooms, and shovels as well as a cleverly hidden pickaxe to create this detailed scene. The bird atop the rhino's back and the rhino's ears feature brilliant use of the elements. We also enjoyed the tipper ends which lend a convincing texture to the rhino's wrinkled skin." 

"The tipper beds have such a great rhinoceros skin texture. A fun and surprising entry."

"It's not easy to create an animal in LEGO, but you did it. I think the shovels for the rhino's ears are a nice find. The rhino is nicely designed and looks very natural. I think this would look impressive in real bricks too."

You can check out all entries, including the descriptions from the builders themselves and more images, in our gallery of entries

Congratulations to our winners! Please check the email you provided us with so we can organise getting your prizes to you as soon as possible. If there's no email please check your spam folder. 

Thank you to LMmodels for providing the amazing prizes. 

Finally, a huge thanks to all our participants for sharing such wonderful, creative ideas with us. New Elementary readers are the best!

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