24 December 2022

LEGO® Friends review: 41732 Downtown Flower and Design Stores

Posted by tobymac

After examining all of the new elements found in the January 2023 LEGO® Friends wave, it’s time to take a look at the largest of the sets, 41732 Downtown Flower and Design Stores. With 2010 parts, it's not just the largest piece count of the wave, it's the largest ever in the 10 years of the LEGO Friends theme. It's even the first LEGO Friends set to have a 12+ age recommendation.

I’ve been hoping for a Modular-sized LEGO Friends build, and this set comes close. Let’s find out if that 12+ mark is warranted.

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LEGO® Friends 41732 Downtown Flower and Design Stores
US$159.99/ £139.99/ 159.99€/ AU$249.99
2010 parts
1 January 2023
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New parts in set 41732

The first new mold is a good boy or girl: Grace. I assume this is a labrador? I know little of dog breeds, besides my white boxer. Grace comes in Tan (6429980), and the number molded on the belly is 3168.

Next up is the Cable, Flexible 21L with 2 Connectors and Bars in White (6409728 | 2630), pictured in the center. It can best be described as a mix between the 27965 Zipline, 22L (top) and 14210 String with End Studs and Minifig Grips 21L (bottom), using the flexible cable from the zipline and the bar sections from the string.

There are 9 existing molds appearing in a new color:

  • Door Frame 1 x 6 x 6 in Medium Nougat (6422084 | 42205)
  • Tile 45° Cut 2 x 2 in Dark Purple (6424624 | 35787). We get 12 in this set.
  • Tile 45° Cut 2 x 2 in Medium Lavender (6424621 | 35787). We get 12 in this set.
  • Tile 45° Cut 2 x 2 in Lavender (6424622 | 35787). We get 15 in this set.
  • Plate 1 x 6 in Coral (6422379 | 3666)
  • Door 3 x 6 in Trans-Clear (6424464 | 80683)
  • Tile 2 x 3 in Lavender (6325969 | 26603). We get 13 in this set.
  • Plate Special Round 2 x 2 with Center Stud (Jumper Plate) in Vibrant Yellow (6392236 | 18674)
  • Window Frame 1 x 3 x 3 in Black (6424625 | 51239)

We only get 2 new prints:

  • Animal, Cat, Kitten Sitting with Closed Eye, White Mouth and Paws print in Nougat (6416353) is not only a new print, but this is the first time the mold appears in Nougat.
  • Tile 1 x 2 with Smartphone print in White (6416469)

Minidolls in Downtown Flower and Design Stores

The set is packed with 9 minidolls, featuring all-new characters that have new minidoll parts. There are 4 new prints for the Minidoll Head in Warm Tan. I couldn’t make out which was which in the inventory list in the instructions, so I’ll mention all 4 options per appearance.


  • New printed Head in Medium Nougat (6419668)
  • New printed Torso in Dark Purple/Medium Nougat (6430525)
  • New printed Hips&Legs in Coral/Medium Nougat (6430535)


  • New mold for Hair Long, Wavy Across Face in Black (6430962 | 2645)
  • New printed Head in Reddish Brown (6416349)
  • New printed Torso in Lavender/Reddish Brown (6430975)
  • New printed Hips&Legs in Dark Azure (6430979)


  • Hair Ponytail Long French Braided in Medium Nougat (6432057|88286) has been seen in 3 sets in 2018 and 2019
  • New printed Head in Warm Tan (6416342 or 6416532 or 6416546 or 6416344)
  • New printed Torso Bright Pink/Warm Tan (6441572)
  • New printed Hips&Legs in Dark Blue/White (6431033)

Liann is part of the new friends group:

  • New mold for Hair, Long with Bun in Black (6409763 | 2633)
  • New printed Head in Warm Tan (6416342 or 6416532 or 6416546 or 6416344)
  • New printed Torso in Coral/Warm Tan (6441582)
  • New mold for Minidoll Hips and Folded Trousers in Dark Azure (9430919)

Olly is part of the new friends group:

  • New mold for Hair Short, Spiky in Bright Light Yellow (6409759 | 2631)
  • New printed Head in Warm Tan (6416639)
  • New printed Torso in Metal Blue/Warm Tan (6429220)
  • New printed Hips&Legs in Light Bluish Grey (6429229)


  • Hair and Hat, Long with Sand Green Hat Pattern is new in Dark Red (6430738 | 79989)
  • New printed Head in Light Nougat (6416333)
  • New printed Torso in Red/Light Nougat (6431423)
  • New printed Hips&Legs in Red (6430757)

Isabella is the first police officer to be found in Heartlake City. As there are no ‘bad guys’ in this set, she instead focuses on the serving aspect of the police and carries a tablet showing 2 missing children.

  • New printed Head in Nougat (6416351)
  • New printed Torso in Dark Azure/Nougat (6430846)
  • The Minidoll Hips and Trousers with Back Pockets with Black Shoes was introduced in 2022.


  • New printed head in Warm Tan (6416342 or 6416532 or 6416546 or 6416344)
  • New printed Microdoll Body Pants in Sand Blue (6416785)


  • New printed head in Warm Tan (6416342 or 6416532 or 6416546 or 6416344)
  • New printed Microdoll Body Short Dress in Lime (6416343)

Rare elements

Aside from the long list of new elements, there are even more elements worth mentioning.

  • Plant, Plate 1 x 1 Round with 3 Leaves in Earth Green/ Dark Green (6400754 | 32607) is introduced in 2022 and has so far been seen in 3 sets.
  • Plant, Flower, Plate Round 1 x 1 with 5 Petals in Bright Blue/ Blue (6382540 | 24866) is also new in 2022, and seen in 2 sets.
  • Bar, Angled with Stud on End in Medium Nougat (6400315 | 65578) is another 2022 element
  • Plate 1 x 1 x 2/3 with Hole in Stud in Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray (6401023 | 86996) is new for 2022
  • Plate 1 x 3 in Light Royal Blue/ Bright Light Blue (6372138 | 3623) has appeared in 3 other sets
  • Brick Round Corner 2 x 2 Macaroni with Stud Notch and Reinforced Underside [New Style] in Bright Orange/ Orange (6289374 | 85080) is been seen in 3 other sets.
  • Plate Round 4 x 4 with 2 x 2 Hole in White (6392162 | 28620) has only appeared in 75335 BD-1.
  • Brick Curved 2 x 2 x 2/3 Corner Double Curved Top No Studs in White (6378417 | 79757) is new for 2022
  • Brick Curved 2 x 2 x 2/3 Corner Double Curved Top No Studs in Black (6370961 | 79757) is new for 2022
  • Plate Special 1 x 2 with Angled Handles on Side in Reddish Brown (6361174 | 92692) has appeared in only 2 sets so far.
  • Plate Round Corner 3 x 3 with 2 x 2 Round Cutout in Brick Yellow/ Tan (6397561 | 68568) has only been seen in 75330 Dagobah Jedi Training.
  • Tile 3 x 3 Curved, Macaroni in Bright Green (6406233 | 79393) has only been used in a Employee Gift Set and on Bricks&Pieces.
  • Tile 3 x 3 Curved, Macaroni in Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray (6385740 | 79393) has been seen in 2 sets.
  • Fence Ornamented 1 x 4 x 2 with 4 Studs in Reddish Brown (6334265 | 19121) has only been seen in an HP set.
  • Brick Round 2 x 2 Dome Bottom [Open Stud] in Reddish Brown (6365627 | 15395) has only been seen in 71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block.
  • Brick Curved 2 x 2 x 1 1/3 with Curved Top - Corner in Bright Bluish Green/ Dark Turquoise (6393823 | 67810) has only appeared in 1 other Friends set this year.
  • Brick Curved 2 x 1 with Inverted Cutout in Cool Yellow/ Bright Light Yellow (6380628 | 78666) is new for 2022

  • Door Frame 2 x 4 x 6 in Black (6192180 | 60599) has been spotted only once in 2017
  • Door Frame 1 x 6 x 6 in Black (6391342 | 42205) is introduced in 2022 and appeared in 3 sets
  • For Equipment Umbrella Top with No Bottom Flaps, 6 x 6 with Top Stud in Transparent Bright Bluish Violet/ Trans-Purple (4500607 | 58572) we have to go all the way back to 2007 for its only appearance.
  • Glass for Frame 1 x 6 x 6 in Transparent/ Trans-Clear (6386637 | 42509) is new for 2022 and appeared in 2 other sets.
  • Door 4 x 6 with Pet Door in White (6369367 | 79730) is introduced in 2021 and has been in 2 sets so far.
  • Plate 2 x 6 in Bright Green (6399741 | 3795) is also new for 2022
  • Plate 4 x 12 in Dark Azure (6227258 | 3029) has been in 2 other sets
  • Plate 1 x 12 in Dark Azure (6185543 | 60479) has appeared in 3 sets prior

The build

The build is divided into 3 sections, each with their own instruction manual, allowing for a group build!

We start off with the Design Store, which is placed on a 16x 24 studs base, giving it almost a Modular feel. The building is so wide, we need some Technic parts to make the supporting beam span the full width. 

Inside we find 3 floors filled with different types of furniture, providing some nice mini-builds. 

The angled roof is held in place by clips on bars and shields. 

The result is massive and would serve nicely as a stand-alone set. The front looks amazing with all the triangle tiles, although some are held in place by just one stud. It’s not fragile, but placing them straight takes some focus, warranting the 12+ label.

Next to the store is a community square, where we find colorful stairs to a terrace and a fountain. I had hoped the letters on the fence were prints, but they are stickers, placed on square street signs with clip. An NE-contributor mentioned it’s missing a ‘K’, ‘I’ and ‘T’ to spell out the name of another great LEGO character. I wouldn’t mind getting a sticker sheet with a full alphabet.

Onto the last building. On the ground floor we have Fiona’s flower store and on its roof we find a garden where she grows her flowers and an insect hotel to attract insects for pollination. The balcony is cleverly attached to the building using axle and LEGO Technic bricks.

On the first floor we find an empty apartment, newly bought by Adi. She's still working on decorating it, but luckily there's a furniture store next door giving her some nice options to choose from.

Again, this build alone would work as a stand-alone set.

The final stage is adding some last details to the scene, and this incredible build is finished.


Just WOW. With this being the 10th anniversary of LEGO Friends, I hoped we would get a Modular-sized building to place in Heartlake City and this set comes very close in size and feel. It’s a big step up from regular LEGO Friends sets while still staying true to the the themes' feel. Perhaps the goal is to create a set that will appeal to older children who are starting to enter their Dark Ages, possibly getting bored with the regular sized LEGO Friends sets, but not ready just yet for sets aimed at adults. The 41732 Downtown Flower and Design Stores is a nice bridge between those 2 audiences that was missing for fans of the LEGO Friends theme. The finished front will look great in a city layout, while the open back also gives enough play options.

If the build is not for you, I think there is a decent amount of MOC potential in the inventory. The 9 recolors will give some new possibilities. Especially the 3 recolors for the triangle tile are great for a finishing touch.

I can’t really find anything major to complain about. At first, I was not a fan of the whole design store concept, but that might be because I just don’t have a taste for design. The idea of using the furniture for Adi’s apartment is a great feature though. With this being the flagship of the January 2023 wave of LEGO Friends sets, I think the theme has found a way to keep on growing.

In closing: I was wondering if the set could be connected to the prior-largest LEGO Friends set 41704 Main Street Building.  It's possible, though it requires some tinkering. If you place it on the left, you'll need to remove the balcony of Adi's apartment. If you place it on the right, either the tree will need to be moved or the set needs to be placed a few studs back. In the below photo I've left out one section of the Main Street Building to make it fit in my photo booth.

Editor: Chris Baginski

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  1. This is a great 12+ friends set! I like that this is for older kids but I wish we still had an entire minidoll theme for older kids like elves :(

  2. This is gorgeous. I was never interested in Friends before, but this line-up definitely changed that.

    I'm a bit disappointed in the minidoll for Fiona, who appears to be a plus-sized girl in other media, but who appears to be just as skinny (if not downright thin) as her friends here.

    1. You can always add any minifigure that has ever been produced. They're all plus-size.

    2. Mold variation is always a problem... Liann's hips look quite thicc, though...

  3. It's nice to see Friends buildings that have considerably less shallow interiors!

    1. I actually like "Lego dollhouses". That new cupboard piece listed in the former article would be very useful as a general piece for interiors. (There's an old Fabuland cupboard piece, but that's pretty big and the colors might be considered somewhat garish.)

    2. Friends sets actually tend to have deeper interiors than themes like City from my experience, at least for the ground floor. They tend to focus a lot more on interior detail, so in past dollhouse-style sets the ground floor has often extended farther back to allow for more furnishings while also allowing plenty of space for little child hands to reach inside.

      This set has more finished side walls and roofs than many of those earlier dollhouse-style sets, which it compensates for by having comparatively higher ceilings than some other open-backed buildings. That ensures that even without extending beyond the enclosed walls, there's still plenty of room to manipulate figures and furniture inside.

  4. Phone is upside down in the printed pieces photo.