02 July 2017

Bricktastic 2017: event pictures

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We're live from Manchester! Bricktastic, the event run by the wonderful charity Fairy Bricks, is underway and the quality of models is outstanding. It's a really relaxed event thanks to the generous space, carefully managed crowd numbers and the lack of doof-doof music!

Here's a very random look at some of the AFOL creations on display - sorry not to be more polished with this post, it's been hard to find the time. Enjoy!

Steve Deaville and Steph Cotter - The Odyssey (1980s animated series)

Sally Mansfield "Planet of the Elves"

Dublin Diorama and Piano Cinema - David and Breda Fennell

Brick to the Past

Yvonne Doyle's LEGO rooms for other dolls

Original Space creations by Martin Redfern

The Little Mermaid scene by Lucy Boughton

Microscale version of 1970s police set by Steve Guinness

Star Wars mosaics by Ralph Doering

BB8 Wars by Andy Wood

Detail from a Hoth scene by Rob Mitchell

Alexander Jones (Orion Pax) - Shockwave, and microscale Seeker Jets

Collaborative Space display - Jason Briscoe, Gary Davis, Tim Goddard, Peter Reid, Alec Hole, Drew Hamilton, Rhys Knight and Miguel Reizinho

Are J. Heiseldal 'Updating the Classics' - 1970s bus station set reimagined

Luc Byard


Jeremy Williams

Jamie Douglas - expansion of the Creator Expert Big Ben set to include the entire Houses of Parliament

Interesting item at the AFOL auction. A special mould of the planets piece that was given to attendees of LEGO Family Day in 2013. The countries represent LEGO production facilities.

If you enjoyed these pictures, consider donating to Fairy Bricks who raise money to buy LEGO so they can give it to kids in hospitals.


  1. First one is the the Odysseus, it's from Ulysses 31, an old franco-japanese anime not to miss, even just for its amazing music.

    1. Franco-Japanese animated co-productions were quite popular for a while there, around the 70's-80's, IIRC. There's even a popular theory that the Japanese term anime is loaned from "dessin animé" (animation cartoon/ feature), although others believe it's a shortening of the English pronunciation of "animation".

      Earlier, it used to be called "manga eiga", in context roughly equal to "cartoon film".


  2. That first picture (Steve Deaville and Steph Cotter - The Odyssey), does anyone know what they used for the glowing orb in the middle?

    1. Possibly that planet piece shown at the bottom (?) with a Propeller 8 Blade 5 diameter placed inside, lit up by a 3rd party light source?



    2. Based on scale compared to the 8x radar dishes above/below, and the 6x radar dishes to the sides, it appears to be part #95198.


      It does come in TNG, which would make it glow like that under a UV light source.

    3. The glow was achieved by shining a black light torch at the dome piece! Steve said he'll likely use power next time to save him the hassle, but I liked his hands-on approach... it sure was effective when he would suddenly light it up as a kid looked at it!

  3. Is the Odyssey ship visible somewhere on Flickr? It is a brilliant build, shock full of nostalgia... I can hear the soundtrack of the old cartoon in my head.

    1. I don't have Steve and Steph in my Flickr contacts it seems... maybe they are not on the interwebs. They seemed to pop out of nowhere on the UK scene a year or two ago with their Red Dwarf, or maybe I just wasn't paying attention!

      Given the level of interest I have added the other pic I took (of the back of the model) to the start of this post.

  4. All of these models are so cool! Does anyone know if either the Shockwave or the little jets transforms? I also like the Collab space diorama. Is the Monorail shown powered?

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! The jets didn't transform but I think everything else on Alex's table did! I took a video of him transforming one, but it needs some editing. Be sure to check him out on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/orion_pax