03 June 2020

Switch My Lantern Up: The entries (Vol. 2)

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Today we continue revealing the entries to our LEGO® building contest, where you had to find a new use for the Super Heroes lantern (part 65581). Let's see what the next 30 entries were!

Peacock by Krakenbrix

In this build, I used the seed part as feathers for a peacock. The feathers are attached to a wedge belt tire (part 2815 and 4185) to obtain the radial design.

All parts in this digital model exist in real life.

Grandma's New Earrings by knux400

Stop watch by Daniel Bodky

This is an old school stop watch, coming with a golden chain for attaching it to your stylish 19th century vest ;)

Connection point by Bas van Houwelingen

The lantern is literally the highlight of the crane on this construction site. It is also the connection point to keep everything in perfect balance. I really love the color combination of (bright) green and orange; based on an existing construction group from the Netherlands.

I've challenged myself to use elements that I find interesting to create the right scale for the crane. Of course I have processed it subtly, so the focus remains on the seed part. Hope you like it. Stay strong!

An ostrich-like bird by Kristina

Merchant's Wife at Tea, Boris Kustodiev, 1918 by Kristina

A samovar is not widely known, but anyway, the yellow lantern piece turned out to work pretty well here.

A motor sled by Kristina

Samurai by thomas_jenkins_bricks

The lantern was not easy to incorporate into a MOC. I looked at it from all angles but decided to embrace it's uniqueness. With a little embellishment with two minifig arms, this little chap proudly displays the element atop his kabuto.

I wish I had a bear figure by Kristina

Victorian Vanity Set by TXJ

A nice ornate dressing table to beautify oneself. Seed part used on drawer knobs, perfume bottle lids, earrings and on the tips of both hairbrush handles. Model comprises of 2198 pieces.

Considering the ornamental nature of the build, it was tempting to spam the seed part in every place possible since the lantern does look pretty ornate. But I wanted to keep it tasteful and only use it on areas that makes sense while the rest of the build only serves to provide context for the scene. The connection points of the seed part does prove to be useful especially on the perfume bottles where the "atomizers" are connected.

Huh? by Kristina

Mixing up the kitchen by Ben Tritschler (modestolus)

First thing I saw in the seedpart was a sort of electronic motor as used in many kitchen machines like a blender or dough mixer. So I built a mixer and placed it in a small kitchen scene.

Go Kart Garage by Ben Tritschler (modestolus)

I built several little small MOCs with the seed part which fits into the Go Kart Garage scene. Can you spot them all?

Of course, the kart itself, also a drill machine, a gras mower, a vibratory plate, a jackhammer, a Segway and a hot air balloon. These you all can see on the second picture.

River Run by Marsden (Brick_Kiwi)

As part of their training, new pilots often flew the Y3-L10W (Nickname Canary) along the perimeter of base Sine Star. They would often test their skills by flying as close along the rivers and canyon walls as they could.

The craft was built first and utilises the Yellow Lantern as the body, with clip pieces to loosely attach slopes for the nose and wings. The exhaust flame has been attached by using a hollow stud, due to not being able to fit a round peg into a square hole! (Stupid design, I hope they had reasons!) The craft is elevated by sitting on a unicorn horn. The Scene utilises major off-grid angles, and precariously placed food and fabuland bag to fill some gaps.

Submarines get crabby too! by Marsden (Brick_Kiwi)

It doesn't take much to change how you view a piece. For this I added the crab and presto! Instant submarine. Then because I wanted to build something quick, and not in microscale, I added the antennae on the back, making it a remote operated observation sub. Throw together some sea life in a neat little jar, and you have a nice little underwater scene.

ZIP by Jaroslaw Walter (wallyjarek)

Isn't easy to use lantern in a different way but some ideas came to my head very quickly. This is my new hoodie and lantern zip.

A Tribute Is Demanded by Steven W. Howard

The dreaded Aztec priest has summoned you. "A tribute is demanded!" Your fate is now sealed...

The model stands over 33 inches tall, has 2371 pieces, and uses 7 green and 13 yellow of the seed part.

Arrival by Frostbricks

For me, the seed element was immediately a face. Perhaps a muppet face singing "Mahna-Mahna..." or perhaps the face of an alien making first contact, as seen here.

Roll'n'Blast Mech by Umbra Manis

With a dozen eyes and almost as many guns, you better watch out for this mech cruising around the battlefield!

Is that the wrong key? by ballojr

This little mouse is racking his brain, trying all the possible ways to open his burrow that someone has barred... He's forgotten his cheese in that lair and today he found this key, but it looks too big for the silver padlock. Oh, probably this key is perfect for the golden one. But don't give up our friend, it will be better next time!

Water shooter by timandjoshbricks

I am not sure what you call these, but it's the water shooting game you see in fairgrounds.

Assault on Ace Chemicals- Lab 26 by RichardAM

Dastardly Dr Jonathan Crane aka THE SCARECROW is at it again! Creating FEAR TOXIN in a hidden lab at ACE CHEMICALS, our valiant hero BATMAN shows up to give the doctor a taste of his own medicine! Production is already underway however, and the fright formula now ready for bottling! Can our hero overcome his enemy’s chemical onslaught and save GOTHAM?

Deep Sea Diver by jazlecraz

As soon as I saw this new lantern element I saw a traditional diving helmet. So my build quickly became a deep sea diver searching for some long lost treasure, with no shortage of deep sea challenges to overcome!

Mr Fido by Jaroslaw Walter (wallyjarek)

Mr Fido, a green robot, wants to play by his airplane.

I used 8 green lanterns (4 for legs, 2 for hands, 1 for head and 1 for an airplane). It was tricky to build it using those different parts. Some are from Toy Story and perfectly fit in to this creation. The model is a bit delicate but stable.

Plants vs. Zombies by th_squirrel

A LEGO adaptation of the classic mobile game that pits crazy plants against lumbering zombies! The build features the lantern seed part as the head of the peashooter plant, alongside a zombie and lawnmower based on the designs from the games.

Carefree is the Lantern Fish by Pixelfox

Swim swim swim, to and fro
The cheerful lantern fish.
But what it doesn't know
It's destined for a dish.

A 10-piece build for the fish, and a few more bits for the rest of the scene.
The sausage piece doesn't stress the handle, so no illegal techniques that I'm aware of. I've never really noticed the little hole on the claw clip part before, that turned out to be a really simple solution to attaching the plumes.

The Master Key by Ian Martin

It may look simple but it can unlock anything.

I used mainly technic pieces to make this small & simple, yet beautiful key.

Pavilion of Zen by Lost_on_Bricks

The Pavilion of Zen is a floating pavilion on a flying spring rock. It reminded me of the Ninjago theme so i added a meditating Sensei providing the Zen. The focus of the seed part is the roof construction. The downside tip of the rock and the spreading spring water is also build with the seed part but are not the core of this entry.

The Seed part is essential set up as a climbing plant both in display and function. There are many seed parts attached in a row. Build with Mecabricks it took some time to figure out the right angles.

Cannon with lantern wheels by Gábor László-Kun (@legotelep)

Block of flats with lantern-loggias by Gábor László-Kun (@legotelep)

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  1. Sub, Crane, and zipper in that order. I had two ideas for this contest but didn't get around to building them. I haven't seen either yet, but some are close...

  2. Another batch of awesome creations! Love the Lantern Fish!

  3. Great usage of the seed part! I can't even pick a favorite.

  4. These are my favorites from the second batch. A top-5 this time.

    1. Huh? by Kristina
    This bison-like insectoid cyclops-mecha really made me laugh. Using the lantern ring to attach a magnifying glass did the trick.

    2. Peacock by Krakenbrix
    The contrast between the open lantern elements and the closed dishes really works for me. Beautiful colorscheme.

    3. Deep Sea Diver by jazlecraz
    If you hold the lantern upside down it is definitely an old fashioned diving helmet. This moc proves it in a very convincing way.

    4. Arrival by Frostbricks
    Never thought the lantern could be a face, it's not too easy to attach two eyes. The result is muppet-cute.

    5. ZIP by Jaroslaw Walter (wallyjarek)
    Nice idea with excellent aligned clips and the seed part as the visual highlight.