01 June 2020

Switch My Lantern Up: The entries (Vol. 1)

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Our LEGO® building contest, where you had to find a new use for the Super Heroes lantern (part 65581) has now closed, so while our judges are getting all judgey and deciding which five win the LEGO Fiats, let's look at all the entries we received!

There were a whopping 89 fabulous creations submitted by you lot, and we will reveal them over the course of three days, in the order we received them. Thank you all, for sharing these wonderful ideas.

LN-T3RN by Llwyn Llwyfenni

The lantern piece makes a nice little droid head : ) 

Built and rendered in Mecabricks.

Luxury Service Droid by knux400

This Luxury Service Droid is a common sight aboard expensive cruise ships and fancy hotels. Some of the wealthier folks in the galaxy may have two or three for their own personal use. These droids are designed with aesthetics in mind, and so other (less costly) robots can do most jobs better than they can- but you know that when you see one of these wheeling its way into the room you're dealing with someone who's got a looooot of pocket change.


Green Scorpion by Yatkuu

Croquet Match by knux400

Old Pocket Watch by Bricks by Stfn

Fred's famous tomato BBQ sauce by Jordan Jivkov

The Flintstones, especially Fred, love to have friends over and cook giant brontosaurus steaks. The meat is always amazing, but it can't go without Fred's famous tomato BBQ sauce. This is why I built for him a nice tomato strainer/ grinder. Now he is in his backyard with a basket full of tomatoes and preparing the sweet spicy sauce.

Just a tank on the battlefield by Jordan Jivkov

The fierce sea monster by Jordan Jivkov

This is something that Aquaman would ride..and it is, on my desk now :D 

Blade Runner type speeder by Jordan Jivkov

The Child by Jordan Jivkov

Something that I wanted to build for a long time and the lantern was the perfect part for it. It holds nicely in the "cradle" part. Unfortunately the build have few good angles to look at.

Slave 1 by Jordan Jivkov

I built this one from the ground up, using the lantern part as a skeleton.

Tropical Fish by bricks4everyone

Tropical fish never cease to amaze me. There are all kinds of creatures out there, their incredible colors and shapes have inspired not only great pieces of art but I suspect some may have even inspired LEGO parts designs... such as the new lantern! Would you agree? ;)

The Impersonator by Jordan Jivkov

Meet Kumar Kumar. 

He was conditioned as a small child with the rare disease called "Green Teeth". Because of his condition no one wanted to hire him. One day, singing in the shower (and crying), he discovered that his voice, is what one might call "angelic". He trimmed his beard and in the mirror he saw Freddie Mercury. He legally changed his name to Freddie Kumar and now is a guest star on many TV and YouTube shows. Kumar is having the best time of his life and now he is proud of his green teeth.


P.S. He also does impressions of Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell and Donald Trump.

Harley-Davidson Green Lantern Limited Edition by Jordan Jivkov

W45-P Stinger here to collect new bounty by SteamPaul

0G-L13 getting new cargo by SteamPaul

The Lizard King by Steven W. Howard

"All Hail the great Lizard King, HSSSS the 3rd!" 

I have used the seed part in many ways for this build. It is used for the tapestry in the back, the crown, the rod, the globus cruciger, and the jewel encrusted chain on his shoulders.

There are 24,464 pieces to this build.

Carousel of your dreams by Carlos Magán (@_magan_)


Small carousel ideal for a fairground diorama. Includes 2 unicorns and 2 horses in nice pastel colors. The new round lantern has been used as part of the head of the animals, it resembles a head with a rein. I have also used the new part 65578 as a support in the construction. Kids minifigures fit horses perfectly. The carousel can rotate on its own axis thanks to a turntable 2x2 plate at the base.

Hippocampus Caput Lumina (The Lantern-Head Seahorse) by Roogz

The lantern was used as the head piece, hope you like it;)

Ballerina Music Box by Alan

The lantern is the centre piece and perfectly depicts the pirouetting ballerina. The box is fully functional in that the ballerina smoothly folds down as the box lid is closed. She is held on a technic axle with a rubber band to pull her upright when the box opens.

The mirror element is from the barber’s in #10246 Detective's Office.

Swimmer diving into the pool by Drella


A swimmer is caught mid air diving into a pool. Why is he green, you may ask? It could be because of the light reflecting in the water.

First world war cannon by Drella

A small first world war cannon. 

Both my builds use parts from my 8 year old son’s Lego so I thank him for letting me play :)

Let's Go Fishin' by Jaroslaw Walter

The Let's Go Fishin' Game is a version of a very classic, popular game that's been around for many years. ... All players simultaneously try to catch as many fish as possible.

  Do you wanna play?

Tesla's Portal by Steven W. Howard

Nikola Tesla has made a new breakthrough with the power of electricity! He has created a portal to another dimension! It is shocking how fast you can be zapped into another reality!


The model has 1053 pieces and uses 24 of the seed part. The lantern is used as part of the portal and operational plumbing for the portal.

5-KTR by Alan Mann

5-KTR droid, affectionately known as ‘Scooter’.


Hanging Gardens of Semiramis by Simon Hundsbichler

There is this Myth about the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis: Within the dry land stood a temple of fertility and richness – thanks to to the work of some kind of magical pump system...

USS Lantern by Alan Mann

Micro spaceship


Repair Robot by Alan Mann

So I appreciate the lantern isn’t immediately obvious, but this entire scene grew out of the concept for the robot’s knee.


Timewarp back to the '70s by Daniel Bodky (MOCbyME)

This is a homage to the flashy '70s with its dazzling colours and typical diners, but also to the LEGO Modular Downtown Diner, hence the colours. I built a dispenser of one of my favourite beverages, back when they came in nice colours and with chromed outlets instead of the all-black plastic designs you can find in some places today.


Lanterns' Bedroom by ABrickDreamer

For this build I used 11 lanterns. - 4 as the legs of the bed - 3 as headboard - 1 for the bedside lamp - 1 for the ceiling lamp - 1 for the vacuum - 1 for the tree outside the window.  I hope you will like it.

DOTS Pocket Watch by RichardH

A golden pocket watch reminiscent of the Victorian era with a golden chain and fob to attach to a waistcoat. Brought right up to date by adding LEGO Dots to the watch face and a Dimensions app fob. The Lantern seed piece represents the winder mechanism (these watches were mechanical) and the ring to attach the chain.


A pocket watch for a giant by Antha

It's 4:10 according to the giant's pocket watch.

The Bull Demon King by cityson

The starting point of this build was the idea to use the seed part for the nose ring of the iconic character Bull Demon King from Journey to the West, and I further used the seed part to create different accessories for the character, including the locket around his neck, the key and the gourd bottle around his waist, the buckle of his belt and the handle for his gigantic machete.


Which are your favourites from this first collection? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. So here's my top-7. Of course it's biased, subjective and completely coloured by my personal taste.

    1. Ballerina Music Box by Alan
    No-one else thought of seeing an elegant ballerina in the humble seed part, including me. This is a surprise, well executed and functional.

    2. Fred's famous tomato BBQ sauce by Jordan Jivkov
    I always had the feeling the seed part was more than a lantern, it was also a ... device. Something on the brink of my mind, but slipping away into darkness whenever I tried to grasp it. This moc makes it all clear. The stream of liquid tomato and the jars are nice. Don't know why it had to be Fred instead of another fig, but this scene made me laugh.

    3. Old Pocket Watch by Bricks by Stfn
    There's more than one watch, clearly this is an obvious use case for the lantern element. I think this one has the best application of it because the useful part of the element is visible while the rest is integrated and hidden into the watch. The box and lid add some nice context.

    4. The fierce sea monster by Jordan Jivkov
    There's also more than one seahorse submitted, and even some exotic fish. This one doesn't try to hide the seed part. It makes you feel it really belongs there, integral element of the beast. Simpler is often better.

    5-KTR by Alan Mann
    One of two robots using the lantern's ring as a wheel. This one makes the wheel spinning quite believable, because of the skid mark. Scooter has character, though it exists of only five parts.

    6. The Bull Demon King by cityson
    First I saw the seed part as the buckle on the belt. NPU. Then I discovered four more. This moc really shows them off, where other large mocs kinda overwhelm me too much to spot the lanterns immediately. But I have to admit I needed to read the builder's comment to see the starting point of it all: the nose ring.

    7. USS Lantern by Alan Mann
    It's impressive how two seed parts together with no more than 25 other parts in yellow can give the impression of a huge spaceship. (pun not intended)

    There's one moc that I'd like to disqualify: Harley-Davidson Green Lantern Limited Edition by Jordan Jivkov. The lantern's still a lantern and that was explicitly NOT the challenge.

  2. Bacon-wrapped baby Yoda. Mmmmm...

  3. Great job with MOCs, everyone! There are lots of really creative uses of the lantern piece for sure!