04 June 2020

Switch My Lantern Up: The entries (Vol. 3)

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Today we reveal the final 25 entries to our LEGO® building contest, where you had to find a new use for the Super Heroes lantern (part 65581). The judges' decisions will be published on Saturday, unless we argue about it for too long! Hard when there are so many awesome ideas!

Old Diving Suit by GSCLD

Eva Unit 02 by Thomas_jenkins_bricks

I’ve been wanting to use the lantern in a robot since the contest was announced. I thought the shape of the piece would work well as a hip or shoulder joint. Looking at robots and mecha for inspiration lead me to the character designs from the Evangelion anime. The yellow colour suited this design quite nicely!

Moto of the Green lantern by Jiaan

It is a very mini moto model built by minimal bricks. This new brick was hard to image its new usage until my son said why not to give this minifig a new vehicle. ( I was thinking some green sea creature) So we tried and it looks awesome! We were tried to use the 65578 new elements as the moto handle, but it is so strange, so we gave it up. That is the final model for submission, hope you like it!

"Honey, I shrunk the baby!" by Salvatore Sciuto

This time Dr. Wayne Szalinski made it big, or should I say, small...

Pipes by Adriano

Very simple creation where I wanted to put the lantern front and center.
In yellow it stands out maybe a little too much, but if you're in a hurry to close a gas leak in a refinery, the more the handle stands out the better, no?

Water Tower by Adriano

An old fashion water tower, nothing special to see here. Construction is very simple too, except perhaps for the crowbars used as railings and... the steps :)

Lanterion by _ttharon_

Lanterion starfighters are cheap, but very well armed. The reason for their cheapness is the cockpit's and weapons' bad placement and the quality of the materials used for them. Although they were cheap, they weren't very well sold, only a couple of thousand of them were produced, and they quickly disappeared from the galaxy.

This model uses 46 of the seed parts. 2 in Light Bluish Gray, 24 in Dark Bluish Gray, 10 in Yellow, and 10 in Bright Green. The seat with the control sticks in the cockpit adjusts to gravity, if the ship rotates the inside of the cockpit rotates as well.

Grocery Store Entertainment by Umbra Manis

This MOC was inspired by the little menagerie of kids entertainment that could always be found in the entrances to grocery stores when I was younger, specifically focused on the little coin operated rides and the gumball machines. This was built for the New Elementary Lantern contest, and the lantern is used as both the core of the gumball machine and the center for the whale ride, which hinges on the handle of the lantern.

Fin Fang Foom! by Peter Aoun @graznador

The lantern travels from the DC Universe to the Marvel Universe, where it becomes the eye socket for the fearsome, the fantastic, the ferocious Fin Fang Foom. I had fun trying to get as much Jack Kirby inspired character into Foom’s shape and features.

Protocol Droid by thomas_jenkins_bricks

I had a fun time thinking about interesting ways to incorporate the lantern in a model. Taking advantage of the circular shape of the piece, I used it as a wheel for this droid. The lantern also takes centre stage as the droids innards!

Revolving chair by Gábor László-Kun (@legotelep)

Camping by a stream by Dr. Dirt

In this creation, the lanterns form part of a camp table.

Fontaine 375 by Ben (modestolus)

My yellow Classic Castle 375 needed a fountain. The (yellow) lanterns are very useful in it to spread the water and give some more structure in the build. For the rest I wanted to build a fountain in the old style of the 1978 castle - with a little modern touch.

Security Tank Prank in the Library by Josh Allinger (MKJoshA)

"A couple of bots have reprogrammed the security tank that guards the information library. Their victim cries like an infantile version of the being it was programmed to emulate.

A total of 7 lanterns were used for this build. You can see a larger version of the picture here.

Always Triple Check! by Finn Roberts

Always triple check when you're using flamable materials. Especially if your supervisor is watching you!
The seed part (lantern) is used once here as the nozzle for the refueling line.

The Minotaur Hunter by Josh Allinger (MKJoshA)

The Minotaurs of Mitgaurdia are herbivores. They hunt for fruits and vegetables to grace their dinner tables. They often carry weapons when they go "hunting" to make sure they do not become a meal for some other beast. Minotaur hamburgers are considered a delicacy among the unscrupulous.

There are 3 lanterns used in this build. Two green ones for the eyes and one yellow for the nose ring. You can see a bigger photo here.

Bird of future by Bricktalife

Birds from the future made of recycled parts. They can fly as long as they want. They just need to charge their battery once a day. Some of them have solar panel others need to sit on electrical wire.

Like a fish out of water by Huib Versteeg

Contrary to popular belief, the first steps by fish onto land were actually made with mechanical legs, not biological ones. This incredible invention by professor bubbles allowed him to set 'foot' on land to explore its vast tracts of wilderness, unspoiled by fish-kind.

Green Mech by Marco van den Boogaard

Little Tyrolean Clock Tower by Ghezzo23

The clock tower of a Tyrolean mountain village, with the bell that really moves thanks to the lantern and a wire! The tower has been incorporated into the near tourist information building, creating a characteristic sight of this village.

Green Submarine by Marco van den Boogaard

hardly recognisable as lantern this cute little Submarine discovers the ocean

Home by th_squirrel

I hope everyone makes it home safely during these weird times. This build uses the lantern piece as a door knocker on the front door of a house.

Modern Fountain by Adri

The lantern's shape immediately struck me as a possible centerpiece for a fountain. I like that it's front and center, topping the architecture.

Fish Tank by Bradley Jones

When I turned the lantern piece on the side I immediately thought that it oddly resembled a fish. So, using both of the lanterns from the Sinestro and Green Lantern minifigures, I was able to make fish by connecting minifigure hands, claw and clip pieces in seven places on the lanterns. The fish were then suspended by the clip that holds the plumes to the seaweed to give the illusion that they are swimming.

The Teal Baron by Mansur "Waffles" Soeleman

A master ace bi-plane from the Teal Squadron with its striking LEGO colour ID #107 livery.

Yellow lantern parts are used in the engine, the wing supports, and wheels. (20 lanterns.) A green lantern is used for the cockpit controls. (1 lantern.)

That's everyone! Have you seen volume 1 and volume 2? Let us know your favourite before the judges' decisions come in!

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  1. Loved seeing all these entries the last few days, really clever stuff! Wish id maybe gone with the yellow variant now!

  2. Wow, all 89 of these builds are really good! There are lots of clever techniques!

  3. And here's my third list of favorites from the 3rd group of entries.

    1. Fontaine 375 by Ben (modestolus)
    The modern seed part feels at home in this ancient scene. (It's the yellow!) I especially like how the water pours out of the horizontally placed elements. Even better than the upright positioned lantern.

    2. Revolving chair by Gábor László-Kun (@legotelep)
    What I like about this moc is that every connection point of the lantern is exactly where it should be. From the back support to the height adjustment handle, the seed part makes a perfect fit.

    3. Grocery Store Entertainment by Umbra Manis
    I like the use in the gumball machine, though its foot is too large for a minifig mom. It feels quite in its proper place. Inside the whale, some other part could have been just as useful.

    4. Fin Fang Foom! by Peter Aoun @graznador
    The eye sockets, together with the eyebrows, make up a great deal of the dragons character. It makes him look both curious and dangerous. Well done.

    5. Green Submarine by Marco van den Boogaard
    I never thought about the lantern as having submarine qualities, yet here it is. The middle bulb section works well, I just don't understand what the attached white round plate is supposed to be.

    One thing that struck me was that I didn't like any solution with the lantern as part of a pipe system. It just doesn't work for me. The lanterns ring handle feels out of place to me, like it can't be a part of the system mechanics.
    So that doesn't mean i dislike the mocs. I just like the choices for the seed part's role-to-play in other mocs better.

    The 3rd batch contains another classic diving suit. It's very nice, but yesterdays one was even nicer. It had the seed part upside down, making the handle into the divers breast plate. That's the plus.

    Out of the combined lists, the ballerina remains my overall fav.
    But it was hard to decide, there are so many enjoyable entries!
    Good luck to you, judges...

    1. Great to hear your comments! Will reveal ours tomorrow I expect!

  4. That biplane is a great build in its own right.